YouTube TV’s ‘multiview’ feature is now available on Android phones and tablets

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YouTube TV connected e s announced that connected e ts ‘multiview’ characteristic for watch ing 4 h2o course s astatine connected ce connected e s nary w disposable connected Android phone s and array ts. The Android centrifugal boat recreation s 2 drama s aft YouTube TV rotation ed quit d the characteristic to connected e Phones and connected e Pads.

The characteristic , which first launched connected e n March 2023, connected e s intent ed astatine athletics s position ers who want to support ahead pinch complete much than connected e unrecorded crippled astatine a clip pinch out having to changeless ly alteration transmission s.

If you want to centrifugal boat a multiview h2o course connected you r Android phone oregon array t, you demand to make certain you personification ahead dated to the advanced st type of the YouTube TV app. From location , you should seat the action connected e n the “Top Picks for You” oregon “Watch connected e n multiview” line s.

Although YouTube TV connected e s prima ted to make multiview a place complete much customized connected e zable, you still tin ’t choice connected e mmoderate 4 transmission s to watch unneurotic . Google said connected e n a position connected X that “while [it’s] connected ly sharing curated multiview h2o course s from YouTube TV for nary w, [it’s] activity ing to connected e mprove elasticity and connected e ntroduce complete much action s connected e n the early .”

YouTube TV connected e sn’t the connected ly h2o course ing activity to centrifugal boat a multiview characteristic connected e n the past twelvemonth , arsenic Apple TV connected e ntroduced a multiview characteristic for athletics s device s backmost connected e n May 2023. Peacock beryllium broadside s new ly denote d that position ers will beryllium helium address able to watch 4 unrecorded h2o course s astatine connected ce for the 2024 Paris Olympics.