YouTube says over 25% of its creator partners now monetize via Shorts

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With TikTok potentially poised for a U.S. ban, YouTube is touting really good its ain TikTok competitor, YouTube Shorts, is paying disconnected for creators. The institution connected Thursday said its short-form video level now averages complete 70 cardinal regular views and complete 25% of channels successful YouTube’s Partner Progam monetize their videos done revenue-sharing connected Shorts.

The news swiftly follows TikTok’s announcement earlier this month wherever nan ByteDance-owned short video app said that its revamped creator money had accrued full gross by complete 250% successful nan past six months. TikTok’s year-old fund, which replaced TikTok’s $1 cardinal Creator Fund, is now exiting beta.

YouTube first introduced monetization options for Shorts creators successful September 2022, pinch its plans for expanding nan YouTube Partner Progam (YPP). Before, YouTubers producing long-form video contented had to person 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours to suffice for revenue-sharing. But starting successful early 2023, Shorts creators could meet a caller period of 1,000 subscribers and 10 cardinal Shorts views complete 90 days. These creators would gain 45% of nan advertisement gross from their short videos.

That programme is now 1 twelvemonth old, nan institution says. What’s more, YouTube notes that creators participating successful nan partner programme for Shorts often monetize successful different ways, arsenic well. Over 80% of YPP creators generating money done Shorts besides gain from long-form advertising, instrumentality funding, YouTube Premium, BrandConnects, Shopping, and different means. That indicates that creating for Shorts is not needfully a standalone endeavor for many, but alternatively serves arsenic 1 facet of creators’ larger businesses.

In total, YouTube says its 16-year-old YPP now includes complete 3 cardinal creators astir nan world and has paid retired $70 cardinal to creators, artists, and media companies successful conscionable nan past 3 years. That’s larger than “any different creator monetization platform,” YouTube notes, successful a swipe intelligibly aimed astatine TikTok.