Y Combinator’s Garry Tan chastises a San Francisco lawmaker again; this time about an email bill

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Y Combinator President Garry Tan took to nan societal level X Tuesday to again definitive his displeasure astatine elected officials representing San Francisco, wherever nan storied accelerator is based.

This time, he was lambasting California authorities assembly personnel Matt Haney, complete a projected late-night email measure he authored. Haney represents San Francisco successful nan state’s house-of-representatives equivalent.

Legalize difficult work

Haney is spreading delirium again, from nan feline who killed algebra and spun up nan fentanyl situation successful nan Tenderloin https://t.co/SGJ9eGwW4f

— Garry Tan 💥♻️ e/acc (@garrytan) April 2, 2024

The tweet read, “Legalize difficult work. Haney is spreading delirium again, from nan feline who killed algebra and spun up nan fentanyl situation successful nan Tenderloin.” He past posted a thread saying, “Is this a overseas op aliases what?”

Haney is what you mightiness telephone Tan’s “favorite punching bag.” Back successful 2016, Haney led nan San Francisco Public Schools committee erstwhile nan territory was discussing moving algebra retired of mediate school. The people was later reinstated successful 2024. To opportunity Tan was not a instrumentality of that earlier move is evident successful respective tweets, including successful April 2023, October 2022 and June 2021.

Meanwhile, successful 2022, Haney was appointed to lead California’s opioid committee, to which Tan tweeted, “Politics arsenic accustomed is putting nan incompetent supe who presided complete 1000s of fentanyl deaths successful his SF territory successful complaint of nan CA opioid commission. Matt Haney has done thing to support betterment and treatment…”

Haney defended his activity combating nan opioid situation successful a February LinkedIn post. In it, he referenced AB 1976, a measure that he described “would build connected existing requirements for California employers to person ‘adequate first-aid materials’ for workers.” His extremity is to make kits that see nan life-saving medicine naloxone arsenic disposable “as a occurrence extinguisher.”

What’s caught Tan’s ire this clip is Haney’s projected bill, AB 2751, that would alteration labor “the correct to disconnect” aft agree-upon moving hours. Meaning they’d person nan ineligible correct to disregard calls, emails, texts aliases messages sent aft that time, unless an emergency, and employers successful usurpation could beryllium taxable to fines, The San Francisco Standard reported.

Haney told nan publication, “If you’re moving a 9-to-5 job, you shouldn’t beryllium expected to beryllium moving 24/7. That should beryllium disposable to everyone, sloppy of nan beingness of smartphones.”

It’s worthy pointing retired that nan constituent of nan measure isn’t arsenic overmuch to forbid group from moving agelong hours if they take to, arsenic Tan implies, arsenic to forbid companies from imposing an always-available anticipation connected workers. However, this thought does tally contrary to startup hustle culture, portion of YC’s world, which reveres dedication to work, peculiarly successful nan early years.

Tan’s latest tweet uncovering responsibility pinch a California lawmaker is not unique. He went connected a rant successful January connected X astir 7 San Francisco supervisors that took a convulsive tone. He later apologized, explained that nan tweet was meant to beryllium an evident reference to a celebrated rap opus and later deleted nan tweet.

It didn’t extremity there, though. In February, 3 San Francisco supervisors received threatening letters to their homes that included a photograph of Tan and nan phrase, “I wish a slow, achy decease for you and your loved ones.”

TechCrunch said pinch supervisor Aaron Peskin astir nan missive astatine that time, and Peskin said he didn’t deliberation Tan was straight responsible for personification sending nan letter. However, pinch its threatening reside aimed astatine a person, not conscionable sermon connected a policy, Tan’s tweet nonetheless, did “harm to antiauthoritarian discourse,” Peskin said.

Attempts to scope some Tan and Haney for remark were not answered astatine nan clip of publication. Y Combinator declined to comment.