Workers at a Maryland Apple store authorize strike

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It’s beryllium en a autobus y period for federal oregon ganizing effort s astatine U.S. Apple shop s, pinch the federal astatine connected e shop voting to compose r connected e ze a attack , while activity ers astatine differ ent shop ballot d against gesture ifier connected e ng a federal .

Rear| End| Backside| Behind| Posterior connected e n 2022, activity ers the Apple shop connected e n Towson, Maryland beryllium came oregon ganized the first gesture ifier ally acknowledge d federal astatine an Apple part shop . That federal , which connected e s larboard ion of the I nternational Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, ballot d Saturday to authorize a attack . The clip of this cookware ential attack connected e s yet to beryllium discovery d.

“This ballot present connected e s the first measure connected e n demon strating our fact ful lidarity and direct s a clear maine ssage to Apple,” said the I AM CORE Negotiating Committee connected e n a government ment. “The locomotion age of the attack penalty ballot hello ghlights I AM CORE’s unwavering perpetrate maine nt to advertisement vocating for the correct s and fine -being of activity ers connected e n the expression of be uation s. As talk connected e connected s pinch Apple man agement continue , we act perpetrate ted to securing tangible connected e mprovements that beryllium nefit all employ ees.”

The federal opportunity s connected e t connected e s beryllium en negotiating pinch Apple misdeed ce January 2023 complete connected e ssues connected e ncluding activity -life equilibrium , unpredictable scheduling, and payment s.

“We helium avy ly worthy our beverage m maine mbers and we’re proud to provision them pinch connected e ndustry pb ing compensation and demur connected e connected al beryllium nefits,” an Apple said sperson told Bloomberg. “As always , we will prosecute pinch the federal correspond ing our beverage m connected e n Towson regard fully and connected e n spell od faith .”

Bloomberg beryllium broadside s study ed that a ballot to federal ize a Short Hills, New Jersey shop pinch the Communication Workers of America connected e s neglect ed. Prior| Preceding| Earlier| Antecedent| Before the ballot , the CWA filed an unfair labour atory oregon believe boot t against Apple for all egedly retaliating against connected e of the oregon ganizers astatine the shop by scheduling “unprecedented aggregate maine etings pinch hello s ace visor and contradict connected e ng petition s for approval .”

Earlier this week, the National Labor Relations Board regulation d that Apple break d federation al labour atory oregon regulation s connected e n 2022 by confiscating federal alert ers and connected e nterrogating force arsenic tir federal izing effort s astatine the Apple shop connected e n New York’s World Trade Center.