Why Princess Kate Delivered Cancer News Without Husband Prince William

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Prince William and Princess Kate

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Kate Middleton connected nan catwalk wearing a sheer achromatic lace dress complete a bandeau bra and achromatic bikini bottoms
St Andrews University Charity Fashion Show, Scotland, Britain - 26 Mar 2002
Kate Middleton, 19, a friend of Prince William astatine nan assemblage wearing a sheer achromatic lace dress complete a bandeau bra and achromatic bikini bottoms. She is believed to beryllium 1 of his early flatmates successful his 2nd year.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton astatine Game Fair, Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, Britain  - Aug 2004
Could 2008 beryllium nan twelvemonth that Prince William and Kate Middleton make their narration official?

Back successful August 2004, Kate looked for illustration she didn't person a attraction successful nan world - possibly safe successful nan knowledge that she had snagged nan world's number 1 eligible bachelor.

The mates met astatine University of St Andrews, Scotland, successful 2001, erstwhile Kate was successful her first year.

From astir Christmas of 2003 to April 2007, she and Prince William were progressive successful a narration that was subjected to aggravated media attention.

But astatine nan Game Fair astatine Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, Kate seemed to beryllium base up to nan unit beautiful good and has seldom been seen without a grin for nan cameras since.

There person been rumours that nan mates person already taken nan adjacent awesome measurement successful their relationship. Miss Middleton has supposedly moved into Clarence House, and fixed nan keys to her Chelsea level to her sister, Pippa. Will a ringing connected nan digit beryllium next?

Kate Middleton

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Princess Kate knew erstwhile she was fresh to stock her cancer diagnosis pinch nan world. After facing baseless rumors for weeks regarding her nationalist absence, nan 42-year-old royal sat down to grounds a video message, announcing her health update. However, fans noticed that her husband, Prince William, wasn’t beside her successful nan video. A caller study explains nan logic why Kate chose to convey nan news alone.

“It is simply a connection from nan princess astir her health, and she wanted to personally present nan connection connected her own,” a root told PEOPLE connected Thursday, March 28. The insider added to nan publication that, successful her announcement, Kate explained really her husband, 41, has been “supporting her throughout.”

“William is highly proud of his woman for nan courageousness and spot she has shown not conscionable this week but since her room successful January, ” nan insider continued. “Now much than ever, he’s focused connected ensuring his woman has nan privateness she needs to afloat retrieve and that his children are shielded from nan understandable liking successful nan news that has been shared.”

A connection from Catherine, The Princess of Wales pic.twitter.com/5LQT1qGarK

— The Prince and Princess of Wales (@KensingtonRoyal) March 22, 2024

The publication besides reported that Kate wrote nan reside herself. Since she explained successful nan announcement that she, William and their children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, needed clip to process her crab diagnosis, nan insider doubled down to nan outlet, “She and nan prince needed clip to process nan news, she needed clip to retrieve from room and she needed clip to show nan children. That was nan driving force.”

Last week, nan Princess of Wales shocked nan world erstwhile she revealed that she has cancer. She did not disclose what type of crab she has, but nan royal pointed retired that she is presently undergoing curen for nan disease.

“It has taken maine clip to retrieve from awesome room successful bid to commencement my treatment,” Kate explained. “But, astir importantly, it has taken america clip to explicate everything to George, Charlotte and Louis successful a measurement that is due for them, and to reassure them that I americium going to beryllium okay. As I person said to them; I americium good and getting stronger each time by focusing connected nan things that will thief maine heal; successful my mind, assemblage and spirits.”

Toward nan extremity of nan clip, Kate informed fans “that, arsenic a family, we now request immoderate time, abstraction and privateness while I complete my treatment,”