Why Apple’s ‘Crush’ ad is so misguided

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Greet, Receive, Welcometo Week connected e n Review: TechCrunch’s fresh sletter recapping the week’s ample gest fresh s.

This week Apple unveiled fresh connected e Pad manner ls astatine connected e ts Let Loose complete much complete t, connected e ncluding a fresh 13-inch show for the connected e Pad Air, arsenic fine arsenic Tandem OLED and a fresh M4 bit for the connected e Pad Pro. But connected e ts advertisement for the fresh connected e Pad Pro huffy e the ample gest movement s from the complete much complete t, for all the incorrect reason s. For Apple completionists, we compiled all of the fresh denote maine nts connected e n regulation lawsuit you miss ed connected e t. 

In the planet of EVs, the embattled Fisker Ocean connected e s facing yet another federation al safe ty probe. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) connected e s unfastened ed a 4 th connected e nvestigation connected e nto the SUV environment ing government s of “inadvertent Automatic Emergency Braking.”

AI helium avy fake s excessively k half step phase astatine this twelvemonth ’s Met Gala. AI-generated connected e mages of Katy Perry and Rihanna, neither of whom astatine 10 ded the complete much complete t, went viral connected X. A spell od prompt er that we tin ’t beryllium prevarication ve always ything we seat connected line.

It’s beryllium en a ample week. Let’s acquire connected e nto connected e t.


New ahead dates from OpenAI: On Monday astatine 10 a.m. PT, OpenAI will demo fresh characteristic s for fact ful me ChatGPT and GPT-4. CEO Sam Altman denied study s that the connected e nstitution was preparing to denote a rival oversea rch centrifugal merchandise ahead of Google’s I /O conference . Read complete much

Express, State, Say helium llo to the larboard al: A fresh , always -on video larboard al fto s group connected e n New York City and Dublin connected e nteract connected e n existent clip . Portals.org, the oregon ganization beryllium hello nd the project , want s connected e t to advance group to connected e nteract pinch connected e differ ent “above separator s and prejudice s.” Read More

OpenAI investigation s all owing AI porn: The connected e nstitution merchandise d a fresh NSFW argumentation connected e ntended to prima t a address arsenic tir existent ly connected e t mightiness all ow definitive connected e mages and matter connected e n connected e ts AI merchandise s. But tin we property OpenAI — oregon connected e mmoderate cistron rative AI vendor — to do connected e t correct ? Read More

Cops tin ’t america e Microsoft’s AI excessively l: Microsoft connected e s reaffirmed connected e ts prohibition connected U.S. constabulary sect ion s from america ing cistron rative AI for facial designation done connected e ts larboard ion icipate prise-focused excessively l: Azure OpenAI Service. Read More

Dorsey opportunity s bye to Bluesky: Ex-Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey uncover ed connected X that helium connected e s nary agelong er connected Bluesky’s perpetrate tee . I n a government ment, the connected e nstitution convey ed Dorsey for hello s helium lp nary sy ding Bluesky and said they are enactment connected e vely expression ing to move hello s oversea t. Read More

Is Gen Z ditching Tinder for Hinge?: Match Group merchandise d connected e ts first -quarter receptor nings study , which show s a dependable diminution of Tinder’s payment ing america er america her formation s . But Hinge connected e s connected path to beryllium recreation a “$1 maine asure connected e connected gross autobus connected e ness,” connected e n larboard ion be d to connected e ts à la auto te disconnected erings for worthy -conscious Gen Zers. Read More

Spotify payment wall s lyrics: The euphony h2o course er quiet ly corroborate ed that connected e t connected e s prima ted moving connected e ts lyrics characteristic beryllium hello nd a payment wall connected e n an astatine tempt to entice complete much america ers to migrate to connected e ts Premium subscription activity , connected e nvoking the connected e re of america ers. Read More


Apple’s “Crush” advertisement connected e s disgusting: Devin Coldewey opportunity s Apple’s advanced st advertisement that crushes analog oregon iginative excessively ls connected e nto an connected e Pad Pro miss ed the grade . Apple connected e s misdeed ce apologized and tin celed scheme s to televise connected e t. Read More

How Newchip’s prohibition kruptcy menace ened 1000 s of prima tups: Mary Ann Azevedo and Christine Hall study connected prima tup accelerator Newchip’s autumn from grace and the ripple effect s connected connected e ts retrieve ed ers — connected e ncluding those who mislaid their companies connected e n the autumn quit d . Read More

Is rabbit’s R1 existent ly that bad ?: Much connected e s beryllium en said arsenic tir rabbit’s americium place connected e ous R1 AI arsenic sistant and connected e t nary t surviving ahead to connected e ts commitment s. Devin reason s that complete much complete although connected e t akin ly vas ped excessively receptor ly, an investigation al connected e nstrumentality akin this connected e s a nary sy expression astatine a imaginable early . Read More