Why a company is offering staff a $75,000 incentive to have children

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Population situation successful South Korea

Costs and pressures of parenthood lead to plummeting commencement complaint successful South Korea 03:55

Seoul — South Korea's wide commencement complaint deed a grounds debased of 0.72 successful 2023, and pinch that fig projected to autumn moreover further successful 2024, immoderate Korean businesses person started offering remarkably generous incentives to person their workers to go parents.

"The declining fertility complaint leads to a diminution successful nan workforce and purchasing powerfulness and slowing economical growth, which successful move straight affects nan sustainability of firm management, meaning companies request to actively reside nan issue," Korea Economic Research Institute (KERI) president Chul Chung said precocious astatine a Korean-Japanese business seminar dedicated to nan topic.

Jin Sung Yoo, a elder investigation chap astatine KERI, said nan main logic for South Korea's worryingly debased commencement complaint was nan "effect connected profession progression" associated pinch having children.

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Many solutions were discussed astatine nan seminar, and immoderate eye-opening incentives person been announced successful caller weeks.

The Lotte Group, a monolithic cross-industry conglomerate, said it had recovered occurrence done "various in-house family-friendly policies." The institution said nan existing programme had helped push nan soul commencement complaint among labor up to 2.05 during 2022, nary mini feat erstwhile nan nationalist mean was 0.81.

Ok-keun Cho, caput of firm civilization astatine nan Lotte Group, said starting this year, nan institution would besides beryllium offering labor pinch 3 aliases much children a 7-9 spot family vehicle, free of charge.

The astir generous parenthood incentive, however, is apt nan 1 for workers astatine nan building and lodging group Booyoung, which has been offering labor a $75,000 prize for each caller kid they parent. 

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So far, nan institution says 66 labor person taken advantage — astatine a costs to Booyoung of astir $5 million.

Company president Lee Joong Keun said he sees it arsenic an finance successful nan nation's future, informing that if nan commencement complaint continues to fall, "Korea will look a situation of nationalist beingness 20 years from now, including a diminution successful nan economically productive organization and a shortage of defense unit to guarantee nationalist information and support order."

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Under South Korea's rules, $75,000 is nan largest handout a genitor tin person without having to salary further taxation connected nan month. But Booyoung's leader said he wanted to spell moreover further, announcing that he would activity to thief supply labor who go nan genitor of a 3rd kid pinch "housing pinch nary taxation load connected tenants and nary attraction responsibilities."

The building institution main said he was hoping to get nan South Korean authorities to work together to supply nan onshore basal for his plans.

Meanwhile, metropolis officials person said that Seoul's section authorities plans to put much than $1.3 cardinal during 2024 successful nan Birth Encouragement Project, an upgrade to an existing inducement policy.

The task has been mostly focused connected helping South Korean's support their careers astir family planning, but it's been expanded to make much group eligible for nan benefits, and those benefits now see infertility curen and much childcare services.

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