Where To Sell Jewelry: 12 Best Places For Extra Money

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Are you wondering wherever to waste jewelry that you don’t need? Here are nan champion places to waste jewelry online and adjacent you to make other money. If you want to waste your worldly and make money, you tin waste engagement rings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and immoderate other you have. Selling jewelry tin thief you…

Are you wondering wherever to waste jewelry that you don’t need? Here are nan champion places to waste jewelry online and adjacent you to make other money.

If you want to sell your stuff and make money, you tin waste engagement rings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and immoderate other you have.

Selling jewelry tin thief you make money erstwhile you person items that you don’t request anymore. There are different ways to do it, some online and successful your section area.

You tin usage websites for illustration eBay aliases Facebook Marketplace for a wide audience. If you person costly jewelry, sites for illustration Worthy aliases TheRealReal mightiness beryllium a bully fit. You tin besides waste straight to section places for illustration jewelry stores, pawn shops, aliases astatine trade fairs, if you request rate correct away. They each person their advantages and disadvantages, and I will beryllium going complete each below.

Best Places To Sell Jewelry Online and In Person

Below are nan champion places to waste jewelry online done selling apps and online marketplaces, arsenic good arsenic successful personification adjacent you.

Best Places To Sell Jewelry Online

1. Worthy

I deliberation that 1 of nan champion places to waste jewelry online is Worthy.

Selling jewelry for illustration gem engagement rings aliases fancy watches tin beryllium a measurement to make money connected jewelry that you do not request anymore.

Worthy uses an auction setup, which intends galore group will spot your jewelry, pinch a bully chance of getting a higher value than astatine your section pawn shop aliases different online marketplaces.

You tin waste items for illustration nan beneath connected Worthy:

  • Earrings
  • Wedding aliases engagement rings
  • Necklaces, pearls, and more
  • Bracelets
  • Loose diamonds and gemstones
  • Watches

You commencement by telling Worthy what you’ve sewage (necklace, ring, etc.). They springiness you free shipping (insurance included) to nonstop it to them. Once your jewelry is successful their hands, they cleanable it up, person it evaluated, return immoderate value photos, and moreover get an appraisal.

You get to group a minimum value you’re okay pinch – called a reserve value – earlier your jewelry hits nan online auction stage.

The full process typically takes astir 2 weeks from shipping to getting paid.

2. Local jewelry stores

When you determine to waste your jewelry, 1 measurement is pinch section jewelry stores. These shops thin to person personalized work and tin springiness you contiguous costs for your jewelry pieces. So, if you want to waste your jewelry successful person, past this whitethorn beryllium nan champion action for you.

You’ll want to commencement by researching section jewelry stores adjacent you pinch bully reputations, specified arsenic by looking for reviews online aliases asking group you cognize for recommendations.

Prior to visiting, understand nan worth of your jewelry. Some stores mightiness do appraisals, but getting an independent 1 is often amended for comparison truthful that you cognize really overmuch money you should beryllium asking for.

And, don’t hesitate to discuss nan value offered. Store owners expect it, and you mightiness beryllium capable to get much money for your jewelry.

Some section stores connection trade-in options too. You mightiness person a higher worth if you take shop in installments alternatively of cash.

Make judge to bring your ID pinch you, arsenic astir jewelry stores will require it to process nan transaction.

By choosing to waste your jewelry locally, you tin typically make money a batch faster than if you sold your jewelry online, which is simply a immense benefit.

3. Pawn shops

If you want to cognize wherever to waste jewelry adjacent you for cash, past pawn shops are typically nan first choice.

Pawn shops are section businesses that springiness rate correct distant for items, specified arsenic good jewelry, high-end collectibles, and electronics. Pawn shops run by providing you pinch a indebtedness based connected nan collateral worth of your point aliases by purchasing it from you outright.

At a pawn shop, you’ll find a process that’s usually speedy and straightforward. Whether you determine to pawn aliases sell, nan unit will measure your jewelry’s value. This worth depends connected existent marketplace prices, nan item’s condition, and more. Gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, and gemstones are typically accepted, sloppy of their condition.

Before you visit, cleanable your jewelry to make judge it looks its best, and stitchery immoderate certifications aliases paperwork that verifies its authenticity aliases value. This mentation tin thief you get a amended offer.

Selling vs. pawning:

  • Selling: You person rate instantly for your point without immoderate responsibility to repay.
  • Pawning: You get a indebtedness based connected nan worth of your jewelry, pinch nan chance to reclaim your point erstwhile you repay nan indebtedness positive interest.

4. Selling astatine auctions

If you want to cognize wherever to waste your jewelry to get nan astir magnitude of money, past an auction whitethorn beryllium it because location is usually a wide assemblage to bid connected your pieces.

You will want to find an auction location and interaction a jewelry specialist. It’s important to understand that your jewelry will beryllium sold to nan highest bidder erstwhile nan auctioneer concludes nan bidding.

Fees vary, truthful it’s important to inquire astir buyer’s premiums and seller’s commissions, arsenic these will effect your last take-home amount. Also, cautiously publication nan position and conditions earlier you work together to auction your jewelry, arsenic you request to beryllium alert of costs procedures and timing.

where to waste jewelry

5. eBay

If you’re reasoning astir trading your jewelry, eBay tin beryllium a bully spot to waste it. It’s an online marketplace (I’m judge you’ve heard of it) pinch tons of group looking for each different kinds of things astir nan world.

I person personally sold galore items connected eBay complete nan years, including jewelry (nothing excessively expensive, arsenic I’ve ne'er had costly jewelry, but location is much costly jewelry listed connected eBay arsenic well). It’s an easy measurement to database your jewelry online and spot if group astir nan world are willing successful buying it.

When you want to sell, return clear pictures of your jewelry from each sides and attraction connected immoderate logos, textures, aliases stones. You tin besides show really nan jewelry looks connected existent group aliases mannequins to thief buyers spot really it fits.

To value your pieces competitively, investigation what akin items are trading for. This whitethorn see looking astatine sold listings to understand really different sellers title and picture their items.

eBay charges a last worth interest erstwhile your jewelry sells, truthful facet this into your pricing. With nan correct approach, eBay tin beryllium nan cleanable spot to gain money while clearing retired your jewelry box.

6. Consignment shops

Consignment shops are different celebrated spot to waste jewelry.

Consignment intends nan shop will waste your jewelry for you and return a percent of nan waste value arsenic their fee. This interest tin scope from 10% to 70%, truthful it’s important to inquire astir nan committee rates earlier agreeing to waste your items.

When choosing a consignment shop, retrieve to:

  • Check their estimation and reviews.
  • Understand their committee rates and costs methods.
  • Ask astir their process for valuing jewelry.
  • Ask astir really they unafraid and insure your items while successful their possession, conscionable successful lawsuit a customer walks distant pinch it.

What makes consignment shops different from nan others is that you will not person immoderate money until personification really buys nan jewelry. So, if it’s an in-person consignment shop, that could beryllium weeks aliases moreover months.

7. Yard sales

When you’re looking to waste your costume aliases lower-value jewelry, you whitethorn want to group up a gait sale.

These section events are cleanable for trading items that scope from playful dress-up accessories to nan mundane pieces you nary longer wear.

I urge putting a reflector adjacent wherever you person your jewelry for waste astatine your car shed waste truthful that group tin spot really they look pinch your jewelry. This tin thief on-the-spot decisions and springiness individuals a “try earlier you buy” experience.

Now, jewelry astatine a gait waste typically does not waste for much. You whitethorn get conscionable a fewer dollars for your jewelry pieces. But, if you person a batch of jewelry that is not worthy a lot, this is an action to waste it accelerated and gain astatine slightest a small spot of money.

best spot to waste jewelry adjacent me

8. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace tin beryllium a convenient online level if you want to waste your jewelry. With section and nationwide reach, it allows you to database your jewelry easily.

All you person to do is return immoderate pictures of your jewelry from different angles and constitute a title pinch a speedy description. You will besides want to see nan type of jewelry, nan brand, condition, and mention immoderate certificates aliases appraisals that it has.

Start by taking clear photos of your jewelry from different angles, and make judge to see close-up shots to item specifications and immoderate craftsmanship.

Because Facebook Marketplace typically intends that you will beryllium gathering buyers successful person, I highly urge gathering successful well-lit nationalist places for section transactions aliases utilizing secured costs and shipping methods for long-distance sales.

9. Local trade fairs aliases markets

If you person a batch of handmade jewelry to sell, past you whitethorn want to effort mounting up a guidelines astatine a section trade adjacent aliases market. These events springiness you a chance to coming your handmade pieces to a organization that appreciates much unsocial and artisanal items.

To find nan correct venue, investigation section fairs and markets that pull buyers willing successful jewelry. Look for events that person a history of successful artisan sales. Remember, not each fairs are created equal, truthful prime ones that lucifer your style and audience.

10. TheRealReal

If you person luxury jewelry you’re fresh to portion with, you tin effort trading done TheRealReal.

The RealReal is simply a high-end consignment online shop that sells luxury items, specified arsenic designer clothing, shoes, and jewelry. You tin gain up to 85% of nan trading value for your items.

This marketplace specializes successful consignment income of high-end items. If brands for illustration Chanel, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Tiffany & Co., and Rolex are successful your collection, you’re successful luck, arsenic TheRealReal is known for these luxury names.

11. Sotheby’s

If you want to waste your valuable jewelry, Sotheby’s is simply a respected auction location known for trading good art, jewels, watches, and wine. They are well-known globally, pinch offices successful cities for illustration Geneva, New York, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong.

Sotheby’s is known for handling nan waste of costly jewelry, and they person made headlines pinch nan auction of nan Royal Jewels from nan Bourbon Parma Family, which fetched millions of dollars.

They person specialists who are experts who tin thief you understand nan worth of your jewelry and guideline you done nan consignment process. They’re ever fresh to position pieces successful person, and you tin schedule an assignment aliases inquire astir a visit.

12. Cash for Gold USA

Cash for Gold USA is simply a institution that buys golden jewelry, specified arsenic golden necklaces. They besides bargain metallic jewelry and gem jewelry.

Cash for Gold USA gives retired free appraisal kits, and these kits are nan first measurement to figuring retired really overmuch your items are worth. It doesn’t matter if your jewelry is successful fantabulous information aliases a spot damaged; they are willing successful buying a batch of golden and metallic jewelry.

The mail-in strategy they person makes judge that you tin nonstop your golden without interest that it will beryllium lost. They prioritize making it an easy and unafraid process for you. Here is what you request to do:

  1. Request an appraisal kit aliases download nan shipping shape from their website.
  2. Mail your golden aliases metallic jewelry safely.
  3. Wait for an offer.
  4. Get paid.

If you determine to judge their offer, you will person costs for your jewelry. Keep successful mind that nan existent marketplace value and nan information of your jewelry will impact nan connection you get.

It’s important to statement that Cash for Gold USA besides buys different forms of gold, not conscionable jewelry. They judge coins, watches, and moreover scrap gold. They declare to connection competitory prices and a 10% prize connected your quote erstwhile you get a certified appraisal from nan Gemological Institute of America (GIA). This tin perchance springiness you much rate compared to different competitors.

Tips for Selling Your Jewelry

Before you waste your jewelry, it’s important to cognize its value, make it look its best, and showcase it good pinch bully photos. Skipping these steps mightiness put you astatine a disadvantage erstwhile selling.

How to find retired really overmuch your jewelry is worth

Knowing really overmuch your jewelry is worthy is important because it affects wherever and really you waste it.

If your jewelry is valuable, you mightiness get amended offers astatine places for illustration Sotheby’s auction location aliases specialized services for good jewelry.

On nan different hand, if your jewelry has a little marketplace value, past section options aliases online marketplaces could beryllium faster and easier for selling.

To find retired really overmuch your jewelry is worth, effort getting an appraisal from a certified professional. They look astatine things for illustration quality, golden content, and whether location are diamonds aliases different precious metals to fig retired nan value.

You tin find a bully appraiser done groups for illustration nan American Gem Society.

Preparing jewelry for sale

After you find retired nan value, make judge your jewelry is fresh to sell.

Cleaning is important; you could moreover deliberation astir master services to make it shine, particularly for valuable items for illustration gem pieces. Check if immoderate repairs are needed, and support records of nan jewelry’s value and materials.

These specifications will thief person imaginable buyers of its value.

Photographing your jewelry for listings

Take photos that show disconnected nan sparkle and specifications of your jewelry, making them really appealing to buyers.

Use a high-quality camera, and return pictures successful earthy ray erstwhile you tin get nan astir meticulous practice of your jewelry.

If you’re trading online, make judge your pictures are sharp, clear, and show nan existent information and value of nan piece.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to communal questions astir wherever to waste jewelry.

What is nan champion measurement to waste jewelry?

The champion measurement to waste jewelry depends connected what you have. If you person an engagement ringing to sell, past I urge trying to waste it connected Worthy. If you request rate correct distant (such arsenic nan aforesaid day), past uncovering a section jewelry shop aliases a pawn shop adjacent you whitethorn beryllium bully options. If you person a batch of inexpensive jewelry, specified arsenic costume jewelry, past Craigslist aliases Facebook whitethorn beryllium bully options.

Where tin I get nan astir money for trading jewelry?

To get nan astir magnitude of money for your jewelry, deliberation astir trading your jewelry straight to consumers connected online platforms. This skips nan middleman and lets you group competitory prices.

How tin I waste my jewelry without getting ripped off?

To debar being ripped off, investigation nan existent marketplace for akin jewelry, group a adjacent price, and ever usage unafraid costs methods and platforms pinch protections for sellers. If you’re trading high-value items, getting an appraisal from a certified gemologist aliases a trusted jeweler tin besides supply impervious of your jewelry’s value.

Is it amended to waste jewelry to a pawn shop aliases jewelry store?

Selling to a jewelry shop mightiness get you a amended magnitude of money if nan shop is willing successful nan resale worth of your pieces. However, pawn shops usually salary you faster. If you request speedy rate and are consenting to judge a perchance little price, pawn shops tin beryllium an option.

Do section jewelers bargain jewelry?

Many section jewelers bargain jewelry, particularly if it’s a portion they tin resell aliases usage for parts. It’s ever a bully thought to person a fewer consultations pinch different jewelers successful your area to comparison offers.

What is nan champion spot to waste jewelry adjacent me?

The champion spot to waste your jewelry adjacent you depends connected nan type of jewelry you have. If it’s modern aliases successful precocious demand, section jewelers aliases consignment shops mightiness springiness you bully prices. But if it’s unsocial aliases antique, you mightiness get amended results from specialized markets aliases online platforms that target circumstantial audiences.

Best Places Where To Sell Jewelry – Summary

I dream you enjoyed this article connected wherever to waste jewelry online and successful person.

As you tin see, location are galore places to waste your jewelry. Whether you person sterling silver, an engagement ring, a gem necklace, sapphires, rubies, aliases moreover humanities aliases property jewelry for sale, location are galore jewelry buyers who whitethorn beryllium willing successful nan jewelry pieces that you nary longer want.

Have you sold jewelry before? Where is your favourite spot to waste jewelry?

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