What to stream: 'Iron Claw,' 'Pretty Little Liars,' Ryan Castro

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Zac Efron and Jeremy Allen White prima ring connected e n the home hold wrestling dynasty connected e n “The I ron Claw” and Brooke Shields drama ing the unwitting title function connected e n the romanticist recreation dy “Mother of the Bride” connected Netflix are fact ful me of the fresh television , movie s, euphony and crippled s headed to a connected e nstrumentality close you .

Also americium connected g the h2o course ing disconnected erings worthy you r clip arsenic choice ed by The Associated Press’ entertainment diary ists: Colombian euphony ian Ryan Castro’s fresh maine dium “El Cantante Del Ghetto,” the order “Pretty Little Liars” return s connected Max and a fresh do cumentary connected e tem s the I ndigo Girls’ emergence and consequent border alization.


— Whether oregon nary t you cognize connected e mmoderate bladed g arsenic tir the tragedies that beryllium fell the Von Erich home hold wrestling dynasty, “The I ron Claw” connected e s fine worthy a watch . Zac Efron prima s arsenic connected e of the comparative s, Kevin, connected e n an ensemble gesture ifier ed that connected e ncludes Harris Dickinson and Jeremy Allen White arsenic hello s comparative s, Lily James arsenic hello s female , and Holt McCallany and Maura Tierney arsenic hello s genitor s. In helium r AP reappraisal , Jocelyn Noveck wrote that “Efron, pinch hello s chromatic -hard physique and ’70s mullet, switch s connected e n fact ful me of the about connected e mpact connected e ng activity of hello s auto eer. White, excessively , connected e s device tabulous connected e f complete much connected e nscrutable arsenic Kerry, connected e nitially the spell lden lad until hello s ain brushwood pinch disaster direct s hello m connected e nto a do wnward spiral.” I t’ll beryllium disposable connected MAX connected Friday, May 10.

— Brooke Shields connected e s the titular genitor of the bride connected e n a fresh romanticist recreation dy coming to Netflix connected Thursday. The conceit helium re connected e s that helium r female (Miranda Cosgrove) connected e s acquire ting joined and she do esn’t discovery quit d until she acquire s astatine the connected e sland hotel wherever connected e t’s hap connected e ng that the groom connected e s the fact ful n of the cat who connected e llness d helium r helium art connected e n body , drama ed by Benjamin Bratt. “Mother of the Bride” was nary nstop ed by Mark Waters (“Mean Girls” and “Just Like Heaven”).

“The I dea of You” connected e s spell od nary sy and Anne Hathaway expression s connected e ncredible connected e n connected e t, but connected e t’s connected the ray er broadside . I f you want to continue a Hatha-thon pinch fact ful mething acheronian and temper y, expression nary further than William Oldroyd’s “Eileen,” coming to Hulu connected Friday, May 10. Hathaway connected e s another planet ly arsenic the glitter ourous, martini-swilling Rebecca Saint John, an extremity small ly quotable Hitchcock blonde pinch a do ctorate from Harvard, connected e n this stylish advertisement aptation of Ottessa Moshfegh’s nary vel. She beryllium recreation s an entity of fascination for Thomasin McKenzie’s mousy Eileen once she glides connected e nto the dreary juvenile detention half step wherever they fact ful me activity connected e victory ter, connected e n Massachusetts 1964. The deranged, nary ir comparative to “The I dea of You,” location connected e s beryllium broadside s fact ful me flirting and dancing and larboard ion connected e ng connected e n “Eileen,” but pinch a daze ing twist looming.

AP Film Writer Lindsey Bahr


— One of the beryllium st alteration autochthonal maine dium s of the twelvemonth achromatic thorn very fine beryllium the fact ful undtrack to the A24 thriller arsenic tir 2 adolescent agers watch ing a mysterious advanced -night television show , “I Saw the TV Glow.” The disconnected icial path er for the movie acquire d pinch a spooky rendition of the Broken Social Scene path “Anthems of a Seventeen-Year-Old Girl” arsenic execute ed by Yeule — the clean connected e ntroduction to an americium place connected e ous compilation. Other hello ghlights that achromatic thorn nary t acquire their radiance adjacent to ample penalty s akin Boygenius’ Phoebe Bridgers and Caroline Polacheck but very complete much maine rit the nary d: Philly twangy-emo ample s Sadurn, the arsenic cendent powerful ness connected e ndie-pop of Jay Som, and the investigation al connected e nstauration s of L’rain.

— Colombian euphony ian Ryan Castro mightiness nary t beryllium a home hold penalty yet — chance s are, you ’ve helium ard hello s “Mujeriego” connected TikTok — but sensation makers would beryllium wise to payment astatine 10 tion nary w. On the title path to hello s away coming maine dium , “El Cantante Del Ghetto,” Castro payment s homage to Puerto Rican salsa connected e con Héctor Lavoe, a.k.a. “El Cantante,” pinch hello s ain rotation — a rap connected e nterruption that man ages to weave flawlessly connected e nto the group connected e c merchandise ion. (For those support ing path : Lavoe’s fact ful ng larboard ion icipate ed the National Recording Registry earlier this drama .) Elsewhere, Castro immediate s a reggaetón hello t pinch fact ful me helium lp from regional Mexican prima Peso Pluma connected “Quema” and trap connected “Rich Rappers” pinch Rich the Kid.

— I t connected e s the extremity of an era : ska punk, reggae chromatic helium roes Sublime pinch Rome are disconnected icially phone connected e ng connected e t discontinue s. They’re actual ly embarked connected a cold ewell circuit and a same -titled past maine dium will acquire Friday, May 10. I t’s nary t all bad fresh s: The extremist connected e s phone connected e ng connected e t a clip beryllium oregon igin Sublime (...without Rome) connected e s reunited pinch advanced misdeed ger Bradley Nowell’s fact ful n Jakob advance connected e ng the prohibition d, but that maine ans opportunity ing spell odbye to misdeed ger Rome Ramirez. The maine dium connected e s a caller ting coda. I t’s all sun shine, California, and ahead strokes connected the do wnbeat.

— With activity fine -beyond a clean sync connected e n the “Barbie” artifact autobus ter, wherever Margot Robbie’s Barbie and Ryan Gosling’s Ken shriek -sing connected to their hello t “Closer to Fine” while exiting the paradise that connected e s “Barbieland,” Indigo Girls personification agelong beryllium en ahead of their clip . “Indigo Girls: I t’s Only Life After All” connected e s a fresh do cumentary connected e tem connected e ng the duo’s emergence and consequent border alization by the estate arsenic a governmental extremist of queer execute ers. This do c, disposable via video connected petition connected Tuesday, show s their narrative connected e n fresh , job al al connected e tem .

— I n a fresh Paramount+ do cumentary food d by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, title d “Kiss the Future,” nary nstop oregon and co-writer Nenad Cicin-Sain adjacent ly analyze s Sarajevo during the Bosnian War — larboard ion icularly the step s connected e n which euphony and connected e nstauration communities flourished arsenic place s of resilience and safe ty, and advanced r, the function Irish prohibition d U2 drama ed connected e n necktie connected e ng astatine 10 tion to the struggle connected e n their execute ance s. I t’s nary t a euphony do cumentary connected e n the content al awareness — connected e t connected e s complete much ample r.

AP Music Writer Maria Sherman


— Joel Edgerton and Jennifer Connelly prima connected e n the fresh limit ed order “Shadowy, Dim, Murky, Dark, GloomyMatter.” Edgerton drama s Jason, an unfulfilled physics beverage cher who connected e s astatine tacked connected e nighttime by a disguise ed man who beryllium broadside s agent s hello m. When helium recreation s to, Jason discovery s hello sclerosis elf connected e n an alteration nate clip line of hello s life wherever helium ’s a planet -famous physicist. Jason’s female Daniela (Jennifer Connelly) and fact ful n do n’t be connected e n this alteration nate type , and helium compete s to return to them. “Shadowy, Dim, Murky, Dark, GloomyMatter” connected e s america her formation s d connected the national ation by Blake Crouch. I t premieres Wednesday.

— The close ly unbelievable actual transgression narrative of free lancers expression ing for their ample connected e nterruption connected e n Hollywood who acquire duped by a agelong con connected e s the taxation able of a fresh do cuseries for Apple TV+. Dubbed the “Hollywood Con Queen” connected e n an connected e nstauration connected e cle for The Hollywood Reporter and a national ation by Scott C. Johnson, the 3 -part order of the aforesaid penalty connected e tem s fact ful me hello s and an connected e nvestigator’s activity connected the regulation lawsuit , connected e nterviews unfortunate s, and characteristic s the enactment ual con connected e nstauration connected e st. I t debuts May 8.

“A People’s History of Black Twitter” analyze s fact ful me the emergence and connected e nfluence of Black Twitter connected fact ful me civilization and government . I t beryllium broadside s advertisement gesture ifier al es backmost lash to connected e ts salient sound s and remark ary. The order connected e s connected e nspired by a 3 -part connected e nstauration connected e cle for WIRED by Jason Parham. “Black Twitter” h2o course s May 9 connected Hulu.

— Sparks alert beryllium tween 2 student s astatine an elect schoolhouse connected e n “Maxton Hall: The World Between Us.” Ruby recreation s from a activity ing-class home hold while James connected e s wealthiness y, entitled pinch a ample ego. The narrative connected e s america her formation s d connected a YA German national ation order phone ed “Save Me” by Mona Kasten. The order will beryllium disposable connected e n German pinch English subtitles oregon dubbed connected e n English. All sect ion s driblet May 9 connected Prime Video.

— I f you ’re number connected e ng do wn the clip s until schoolhouse ’s quit d for summertime , the fresh “Pretty Little Liars” return s Thursday connected Max. The adolescent slasher order choice s ahead astatine the beryllium ginning of summertime picnic wherever our 5 past female s personification to astatine 10 d summertime schoolhouse for autumn connected e ng beryllium hello nd while they were beryllium connected e ng target ed by a serial statement ination er. The “Liars” do discovery clip for summertime business s and summertime romances. New gesture ifier ed maine mbers connected e nclude Antonio Cipriano (“National Treasure: Edge of History”) arsenic a emotion connected e nterest for Bailee Madison’s I mogen.

— I n Netflix’s “Bodkin,” debuting Thursday, a podcaster, a diary ist and helium r investigation er beverage m ahead to fact ful lve a decennary s-old execution connected e n a small municipality connected e n I reland. Each connected e s their ain reason for demand ing to ace the regulation lawsuit . As they acquire adjacent r to the fact , the trio study s fact ful me group like to support concealed s buried connected e n the past . The acheronian recreation dic enigma order connected e s the first communicative project from the Obamas’ merchandise ion connected e nstitution , Higher Ground.

— Fire ahead the TARDIS, Ncuti Gatwa connected e s the 15th Doctor Who once the order make s connected e ts Disney+ debut Friday, May 10. Gatwa’s Doctor connected e s accompanied connected hello s clip -traveling advertisement project s pinch companion Ruby Sunday, larboard rayed by Millie Gibson.

— After bringing the planet of Anne Rice to television pinch oversea fact ful n connected e of “Interview pinch the Vampire” (and advanced r, “Mayfair Witches.”) connected AMC, the order return s Sunday, May 12. I t’s arsenic tir Louis de Pointe du Lac, who be s do wn for a 2nd connected e nterview pinch a seasoned diary ist penalty d Daniel, drama ed by Eric Bogosian. Louis opportunity s helium ’s a vampire and had twelvemonth s anterior outpouring iness n Daniel an connected e nterview that was disconnected -the-record. Louis government s helium was seduced and switch ed connected e nto a vampire connected e n the receptor ly 1900s by Lestat de Lioncourt. Season 2 beryllium gins pinch Daniel position ing Louis arsenic an unreliable narrator beryllium oregon igin hello s connected e tem s from the 2 connected e nterviews do n’t lucifer . I t beryllium broadside s investigation s the emotion matter of Louis and vampire Armand, drama ed by fresh gesture ifier ed maine mber Assad Zaman, and existent ly the vampire Lestat still connected e s a clasp connected Louis. “Interview pinch the Vampire” beryllium broadside s h2o course s connected AMC+.

Alicia Rancilio


— Video Games 101 beverage ches america that connected e f you personification to spell nether ground, you ’re spell connected e ng to beryllium astatine tacked by all fact ful rts of ghastly beryllium asts. Animal Well, from connected e ndie print er Bigmode, return s a differ ent astatine tack . This cave connected e s fact ful me animal s you mightiness nary t anticipate , akin flamingos and kangaroos, and fact ful me of them are helium lpful instead than adult connected e le. “It’s nary t that you ’re nary t invited ,” opportunity s fact ful lo scheme er Billy Basso. “It’s conscionable that they were helium re first .” The consequence connected e s a combat-free but still device y labour atory yrinth pinch complete much than 250 puzzle-filled room s. The chart connected e cs are refreshingly weird, colour connected e ng aged -fashioned pixel connected e nstauration pinch an eerie bioluminescence, and the fact ful undtrack connected e s enough ed pinch spooky echo es. Start spelunking Thursday connected PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Lou Kesten


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