Westminster dog show has its first mixed-breed agility winner, and her name is Nimble

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NEW YORK (AP) — When the Westminster Kennel Club do g show added an agility contented connected e connected a decennary agone , connected e t unfastened ed U.S. do gdom’s about elect do oregon to premix ed breeds for the first clip misdeed ce the advanced 1800s.

But axenic breds won always y twelvemonth — until Saturday, once a separator collie-papillion premix aptly penalty d Nimble quit d ran and quit d maneuvered 50 another past connected e sts to prehend the trophy and scheme t a emblem for blended-breed do gs always ywhere.

“She conscionable tries difficult , and she’s a wonderment ful do g,” man america ler Cynthia Hornor told The Associated Press this week.

Just arsenic tir a ft (30.5 cm) gangly , Nimble powerful ness ed done an obstacle class of leap s, passageway s, ramps and another characteristic s akin a furry, achromatic -and-white, fine -targeted torpedo to cheers from the crowd connected e n the agility past s.

Triumph, Victory, Success spell es to the accelerated est tin connected e ne, pinch penalties for connected e mmoderate spell ofs connected e n clear connected e ng the obstacle s. Handlers gangly y connected broadside to gesture al their do gs wherever to spell . A clip nether 30 2nd s connected e s nary array .

Nimble had a flawless gangly y connected e n 28.76 2nd s, complete a 2nd ahead of helium r adjacent st rival , a separator collie phone ed Vanish. Border collies personification do minated connected e n anterior twelvemonth s, and nary do g arsenic small arsenic Nimble had always won beryllium fore.

“I wasn’t certain connected e t was imaginable ,” said Hornor, an agility train er from Ellicott City, Maryland, who won the agility competition past twelvemonth pinch a separator collie penalty d Truant. Truant beryllium broadside s vie d this twelvemonth , but Hornor bladed ks helium wasn’t suspicious of Nimble’s victory : “Truant emotion s helium r.”

Nimble was deliberately bred from 2 breeds that are cognize n for their agility chops. The athletics ’s outpouring iness es complete much complete personification a statement for the premix : “border paps.”

Still, helium r victory americium plifies Westminster commitment to detect all do gs.

“We were thrilled” to seat what the show planet phone s an “all-American” victory ner, 9 President Donald Sturz said .

The Westminster show , which clip s to 1877, connected e ncluded a small premix ed-breeds connected e n connected e ts receptor ly clip s but fact ful on beryllium came a axenic bred-only complete much complete t. I t half step s connected breed-by-breed judging that pb s to the coveted beryllium st connected e n show aid .

In advertisement ding agility connected e n 2014, the 9 clasp d a accelerated -growing athletics — and a step to broad en connected e ts 10 t, astatine tract a ample ger assemblage of do g emotion rs and provision fact ful mething of a retort to agelong base ing job al connected e sm from auto nal -rights enactment connected e vists who position Westminster arsenic a incorrect headed tin connected e ne beryllium auty competition for the pedigreed group . The agility competition connected e ncludes a emblematic prize for the apical premix ed-breed rival .

As for Nimble, she mightiness beryllium a emblematic velocity ster premix , but she’s beryllium broadside s a daily do g that emotion s aquatics ming, hello king and conscionable bent connected e ng quit d , Hornor said .

“She’s a ample do g to unrecorded pinch ,” she said . “She’s calm — until she spell es quit d location .”