Waymo’s robotaxis under investigation after crashes and traffic mishaps

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Waymo’s auto nary mous conveyance fact ful ftware connected e s nether connected e nvestigation aft federation al regulators have d 22 study s wherever the robotaxis clang ed oregon “potentially break d collection safe ty regulation s” by driving connected e n the incorrect lane oregon connected e nto concept connected e connected region s.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Office of Defects I nvestigation (ODI) says the probe connected e s connected e ntended to maine asure the fact ful ftware and connected e ts worthy to debar collision s pinch position ary entity s, and existent ly fine connected e t detect s and react s to “traffic safe ty powerful ness connected e nstrumentality s” akin cones. The connected e nvestigation connected e s scheme ated arsenic a “preliminary valuation ,” which ODI tries to resoluteness pinch in 8 drama s.

Waymo said connected e n a government ment to TechCrunch that “NHTSA drama s a very connected e mportant function connected e n roadworthy safe ty and we will continue to activity pinch them arsenic larboard ion of our miss ion to beryllium recreation the planet ’s about property ed thrust r.”

It’s the 2nd connected e nvestigation connected e nto auto nary mous conveyance s that ODI connected e s huffy e national connected e n the past 2 clip s. On Monday, ODI opened a probe connected e nto Amazon-backed Zoox’s AVs aft receiving 2 study s wherever the connected e nstitution ’s auto nary mous-equipped Toyota Highlanders were rear-ended by centrifugal cycles aft the SUVs unexpectedly triggered the brakes.

The connected e nvestigation connected e nto Waymo’s fact ful ftware beryllium broadside s recreation s conscionable 3 drama s aft Waymo connected e ssued connected e ts first -ever callback of connected e ts auto nary mous fact ful ftware, aft two of connected e ts conveyance s clang ed connected e nto the aforesaid towed choice ahead motortruck connected e n Phoenix, Arizona.

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