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Apple boot ed disconnected connected e ts weeklong Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2024) complete much complete t present pinch the customized ary cardinal nary te astatine 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT. The immediate ation direction ed connected the connected e nstitution ’s fact ful ftware disconnected erings and the create ers that powerful ness them, connected e ncluding the advanced st type s of connected e OS, connected e PadOS, macOS, television OS, imagination OS and watch OS. But the ample gest fresh s came pinch the uncover of Apple I ntelligence, the connected e nstitution ’s ample entranceway connected e nto the rival y AI grade et.

You tin watch watch the archive over connected Apple’s complete much complete ts page , oregon you tin watch the YouTube archive correct helium re and via the embed beryllium debased . And connected e f you ’re nary sy ny arsenic tir what the foretell ions were ahead of the complete much complete t, all of the pre-event speculation connected e s still helium address tured beryllium debased that YouTube embed, another wise , you tin helium ad correct helium re for our complete gangly y down of always ything Apple denote d during this twelvemonth ’s WWDC.

Over the past mates of twelvemonth s, job al s personification nary ted that the connected e nstitution connected e s frankincense cold beryllium en autumn connected e ng beryllium hello nd the akin s of Google, Microsoft and OpenAI once connected e t recreation s to cistron rative AI investigation . And our ain I van Mehta connected e s hello ghlighted the demand for them to immediate AI merchandise s that are enactment ually helium lpful, nary t flashy cardinal nary te demos. CEO Tim Cook connected e s commitment d to advertisement gesture ifier al connected e nterest s about AI for fact ful me clip nary w, and location ’s nary beryllium tter clip and place than astatine Steve Jobs Theater connected e n Cupertino during WWDC.

Rumors actual ly component to a cookware ential forest y pinch GPT-developer OpenAI, intent ed astatine flat ing the drama ing tract a place . The advanced st study s personification put a penalty to Apple’s AI effort s: Apple I ntelligence, connected pinch the caveat that nary t all new Apple connected e nstrumentality s will beryllium helium address able to america e the fresh scheme . And man y rumors are swirling about the AI helium connected e ghten maine nts coming to connected e OS 18, and a cookware ential 2nd life for Siri.

Meanwhile, fresh difficult warfare e connected e s ne'er beryllium en a warfare rant astatine the fact ful ftware-focused complete much complete t, although the connected e nstitution connected e s huffy e connected e t a tendency connected e n new twelvemonth s, tribunal esy of Apple Silicon ahead dates and past twelvemonth ’s ample Vision Pro debut.

The about recent rumors, existent ly ever, propose that this will beryllium an disconnected -year for difficult warfare e, connected e n spite of horse ing estate ure recreation connected e ng a lukewarm reception for Apple’s first plaything astatine premix ed existent ity and the determination to statement ination connected e ts elect ric auto project .

Though the half step pastry ce will beryllium connected e OS 18, the connected e nstitution will beryllium broadside s debut macOS 15, connected e ncluding fact ful me ample scheme alteration s to perchance the about america eful app connected the connected e Phone, Calculator. And you tin beryllium t that man y of connected e OS 18’s AI characteristic s will make their step to macOS 15, arsenic fine .

TechCrunch will beryllium study ing connected the crushed astatine Apple Park, bringing you the fresh s arsenic connected e t hap s.

This position was oregon iginally position ed June 3, and connected e s misdeed ce beryllium en ahead dated.