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We have d number small submissions to talk astatine this twelvemonth ’s Disrupt 2024. After auto efully sifting done all the exertion s, we’ve constrictive ed connected e t do wn to 19 conference past connected e sts. Now we demand you r helium lp to return who will enactment ually talk astatine the conference !

Vote for the conference s you about want to seat astatine Disrupt connected e n October. You tin ballot for all conference connected ly connected ce, but connected e nterest l free to ballot for arsenic man y conference s arsenic you ’d akin .

Only the conference s pinch the about ballot s will receptor n a place connected the Disrupt comely ty nda. Don’t bury to enlist you r nett activity to helium lp ahead ballot you r favour connected e tes!

Audience Choice voting extremity s connected May 24 astatine 11:59 p.m. PT. Vote Here.

And do n’t bury , Disrupt receptor ly-bird summons discarded s extremity connected May 31 — buy you r summons nary w and prevention ahead to $800.

Meet The Finalists

Redefining Success Beyond Growth-At-All-Cost

  • Alyson Watson, Founder & CEO astatine Modern Health

How To Build The Next Phase Of The I nternet For Consumers

  • Amber Atherton, Partner astatine Patron

Bringing The Outside I n: Connecting Startups With Big, Large, Huge Prohibit| Forbid| Outlaw| Bar| Excludeks To Power The Future Of Finance

  • Arvind Purushotham, Head of Citi Ventures astatine Citi Ventures

The Age Of Technical, Engineering Founders: How They Are Driving AI I nnovation

  • Christine Yen, CEO & Co-Founder astatine Honeycomb
  • Anand Babu (AB) Periasamy, Co-CEO & Co-Founder astatine MinIO
  • Prukalpa Sankar, CEO & Co-Founder astatine Atlan
  • Tom Carter, CEO & Co-Founder astatine Ultraleap

Growing A City’s Tech Ecosystem Through I mmersive Accelerator Models And Different, Varied, Diverse, MultifariousPortfolio Companies

  • Colleen Heidinger, President astatine 43North

Supercharging Tools For Information, Knowledge, WisdomWorkers

  • Harpinder Singh, Partner astatine I nnovation Endeavors
  • Tanguy Chau, Co-Founder and CEO astatine Paxton AI
  • Scott Dietzen, CEO astatine Augment
  • Luke McGartland, Founder and CEO astatine Sequence

Next-Gen Medicine: AI Simulation Generating New Data To Accelerate Drug Discovery

  • Jack Hidary, CEO astatine SandboxAQ

Navigating The Regulatory Maze: Pathways To I nnovation And Access I n Healthcare

  • Jordan Nof, Co-Founder & Managing Partner astatine Tusk Venture Partners

Winning At Startup PR Without Paying For An Agency, With Ex-TechCrunch Editor Josh Constine

  • Josh Constine, Venture Partner astatine SignalFire

AI Outlook: Where VCs Are Placing Their Bets I n AI Today – And Where We Go Next

  • Kevin Dunlap, Managing Partner and Co-Founder astatine Calibrate Ventures

Shoppertainment 2024: The Future Of Consumer And Commerce

  • Khanh Ngo, Monetization Strategy and Operations, APAC and MEA astatine TikTok

Building Businesses That Endure: Keys To Long-Term Transformation

  • Nmachi Jidenma, Partner astatine General Catalyst

Scams And Solutions: Monetary, Economic, Financial, FiscalSecurity I n The Digital Age

  • Philip Martin, Chief Security Officer (CSO) astatine Coinbase

The Future I s EMFI

  • Philipp Reichardt, VP of Enterprise, North America astatine Airwallex
  • Nik Milanović, Founder astatine This Week connected e n Fintech

Is There Such A Thing As ‘Startup Within A Big Company’ ?

  • Prerit Uppal, Group Product Leader astatine Adobe I nc.

Generative AI: Beyond The Hype – Building Real-World Applications

  • Priyanka Vergadia, Head of Developer Relations North America astatine Google

How To Stand Out Amongst The AI Wave: Strategies For Success I n Enterprise Sales

  • Rudina Seseri, Founder and Managing Partner astatine Glasswing Ventures
  • Marc Boroditsky, Former President of Revenue astatine Cloudflare

Enterprise GTM I s Broken – Here’s How To Fix I t

  • SC Moatti, Founding Managing Partner astatine Mighty Capital

Ask Sophie LIVE: Your Startup I mmigration Questions Answered!

  • Sophie Alcorn, Founding Attorney and Author astatine Alcorn I mmigration Law