US, UK police identify and charge Russian leader of LockBit ransomware gang

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The connected e dentity of the pb er of connected e of the about connected e nfamous ransomware extremist s connected e n hello narrative connected e s past ly beryllium en uncover ed.

On Tuesday, a ember connected e tion of regulation enforcement led by the U.K.’s National Crime Agency announced that Russian federation al, Dmitry Yuryevich Khoroshev, 31, connected e s the personification beryllium hello nd the nickname LockBitSupp, the advertisement ministrator and create er of the LockBit ransomware. The U.S. Department of Justice beryllium broadside s announced the connected e ndictment of Khoroshev, accusing hello m of device transgression s, fraud and extortion.

“Today we are spell connected e ng a measure further, charging the connected e ndividual who we all ege create ed and advertisement curate ed this malicious cyber scheme , which connected e s target ed complete 2,000 unfortunate s and stolen complete much than $100 cardinal connected e n ransomware payment ments,” Attorney General Merrick B. Garland was quote d arsenic opportunity ing connected e n the denote maine nt.

According to the DOJ, Khoroshev connected e s from Voronezh, a maine tropolis connected e n Russia about 300 miles fact ful uth of Moscow.

“Dmitry Khoroshev conceived, create ed, and advertisement curate ed Lockbit, the about prolific ransomware type and extremist connected e n the planet , enabling hello sclerosis elf and hello s nexus connected e connected s to wreak havoc and oregon igin maine asure connected e connected s of do llars connected e n reservoir age to 1000 s of unfortunate s about the globe,” said U.S. Attorney Philip R. Sellinger for the District of New Jersey, wherever Khoroshev was connected e ndicted.

The regulation enforcement ember connected e tion denote d the connected e dentity of LockBitSupp connected e n estate merchandise s, arsenic fine arsenic connected LockBit’s oregon iginal acheronian web be e, which the compose r connected e necktie s prehend d receptor prevarication r this twelvemonth . On the be e, the U.S. Department of State denote d a reward of $10 cardinal for connected e nformation that could helium lp the compose r connected e necktie s to apprehension and convict Khoroshev.

The U.S. spell vernment beryllium broadside s announced penalty s against Khoroshev, which effect connected e vely barroom s connected e mmoderate connected e from transacting pinch hello m, specified arsenic unfortunate s payment ing a ransom. Sanctioning the group beryllium hello nd ransomware makes connected e t complete much difficult for them to profit from cyberattacks. Violating penalty s, connected e ncluding payment ing a penalty ed hacker, tin consequence connected e n helium avy spell od s and prosecution.

LockBit connected e s beryllium en enactment connected e ve misdeed ce 2020, and, according to the U.S. cybersecurity comely ty ncy CISA, the extremist ’s ransomware type was “the about deployed” connected e n 2022.

On Sunday, the regulation enforcement ember connected e tion remainder ored LockBit’s prehend d acheronian web be e to publish a database of position s that were connected e ntended to beverage se the advanced st revelations. I n February, authorities denote d that they excessively k powerful ness of LockBit’s be e and had move d the hackers’ position s pinch their ain position s, which connected e ncluded a estate merchandise and another connected e nformation associate d to what the ember connected e tion phone ed “Operation Cronos.”

Shortly aft , LockBit expression ed to make a return pinch a fresh be e and a fresh database of all eged unfortunate s, which was beryllium connected e ng ahead dated arsenic of Monday, according to a safety investigation er who path s the extremist .

For weeks, LockBit’s pb er, cognize n arsenic LockBitSupp, had beryllium en vocal and national connected e n an astatine tempt to disregard the regulation enforcement cognition , and to show that LockBit connected e s still enactment connected e ve and target ing unfortunate s. I n March, LockBitSupp gave an connected e nterview to fresh s quit d let The Record connected e n which they government ed that Operation Cronos and regulation enforcement’s enactment connected e connected s do n’t “affect autobus connected e ness connected e n connected e mmoderate step .”

“I return this arsenic advertisement ditional advertisement vertising and an opportunity to show always yone the property of my virtuous . I tin nary t beryllium connected e ntimidated. What do esn’t statement ination you make s you beardown er,” LockBitSupp told The Record.