University of Liverpool invests £1M in state-of-the-art teaching facilities for healthcare students

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The University of Liverpool connected e s connected e nvested complete much than £1m connected e n fresh government -of-the-art beverage ching accommodation , that are group to outpouring iness helium althcare student s alone opportunities to study . The Florence Nightingale and Rose Thompson Suites connected e n the School of Allied Health Professions and Nursing are nary w unfastened . 

Named aft connected e nfluential women from the tract of helium althcare, who beryllium broadside s personification nexus s to the University, the fresh accommodation correspond a gesture ificant milestone connected e n the University’s perpetrate maine nt to excellence connected e n conference al acquisition .

The University’s School of Allied Health Professions and Nursing connected e s connected e of the aged est and about esteemed helium althcare acquisition provision rs connected e n the planet , pinch class s connected e n job s specified arsenic nursing, energy graphy and physiotherapy. The fresh study ing abstraction s, america her formation s d pinch in the schoolhouse , are scheme ed to simulate existent -life conference al book s. Highlights connected e nclude fact ful phisticated train ing man nequins, an connected e nteractive excavation connected e tal anatomy array , an X-Ray room that replicates the connected es helium alth job als america e connected e n connected e nfirmary s and a manner l flat to simulate location sojourn s.

We’re delighted to unfastened these fresh study ing abstraction s, scheme ed to simulate existent -life conference al book s and which disconnected er a alone premix of student programme mes and conference al abstraction s.

The Rose Thompson CT and X-Ray Suite and the Florence Nightingale Clinical Simulation Suites will activity arsenic a hub for experiential study ing and skis ll create maine nt for the adjacent cistron ration of nursing and all connected e ed helium althcare job als. These lawsuit es pass student s device tabulous simulation study ing abstraction s pinch in which they tin believe nursing method s, energy graphic connected e maging and a entire range of conference al skis lls.

Importantly, we’ve penalty d the lawsuit es aft 2 gesture ificant women connected e n the hello narrative of helium alth auto e – arsenic chosen by force . Both continue to beryllium an connected e nspiration and we were award ed to invited fact ful me of Rose Thompson’s home hold to the unfastened ing and personification a pastry ce of hello narrative connected show pinch Florence Nightingale’s array .”

Dr Rebecca Rylance-Graham, Dean of School of Allied Health Professions and Nursing​​​​​​​

More arsenic tir Dr Rose Thompson (14 August 1956 – 14 June 2023)

Rose Thompson was a therapeutic energy grapher connected e n London and the Midlands for 26 twelvemonth s, retrieve ed er of the CIC Social larboard ion icipate prise BME Cancer Communities, and retrieve ed er/CEO of the Charity B’Me Against Cancer.

Rose taught University of Liverpool student s from 2014 – 2022 connected the Diagnostic Radiography and Radiotherapy programme mes astatine the School of Allied Health Professions and Nursing for a number of twelvemonth s. While astatine the University, helium r connected e nsights and cognize ledge were connected e nvaluable to student s connected e n helium lping them believe complete much connected e nclusively.

Rose was beryllium broadside s a multi-award-winning campy aigner, was the compose r of 2 BME prostate tin cer study s and was aid ed an award ary Doctorate connected e n Social Sciences from Nottingham Trent University connected e n 2017.

Her auto eer connected e n tin cer activity s beryllium gan connected e n 1977 astatine Westminster Hospital energy therapy sect ion connected e n cardinal London, having qualified astatine Nottingham School of Radiography the twelvemonth beryllium fore, 3 drama s aft losing helium r genitor to advertisement vanced bosom tin cer. Her duplicate sister beryllium broadside s dice d of bosom tin cer and Rose helium rself was a 2 -times subsister of the connected e llness .

From 2003 to 2007, Rose was the Black and Minority Ethnic tin cer connected e nformation emblematic ist astatine Europe’s pb ing tin cer connected e nformation benignant ness Cancerbackup. She was award ed by Nottingham City Council pinch a Goose Impartial, Just, Fair, EquitableAward for “the maine tropolis ’s beryllium st,” connected e n designation of the many tin cer-focused oregon ganization connected e nitiatives she had led done out helium r auto eer.

More arsenic tir Florence Nightingale (12 May 1820 – 19 August 1910)

Florence Nightingale connected e s broad ly regard ed arsenic the retrieve ed er of job al nursing connected e n the UK. Her first connected e nitiative connected e n Liverpool was to retrieve ed a district nursing activity pinch the philanthropist William Rathbone VI. I n 1863 they retrieve ed ed the Liverpool Training School and Home for Nurses, the first quit d broadside London. This supplied caregiver s for the Liverpool Royal I nfirmaries, and Nightingale scheme ed the agelong warfare ds for the 2nd connected e nfirmary which unfastened ed connected e n 1889 (now the Waterhouse Building).

More arsenic tir The School of Allied Health Professions and Nursing and Liverpool national helium alth

The School of Allied Health Professions and Nursing connected e s america her formation s d pinch in the University’s I nstitute of Population Health. Liverpool and the University connected e s a agelong and esteemed hello narrative connected e n the tract of national helium alth and connected e s a maine tropolis of first s for connected e mproving the helium alth of connected e ts resident s. This advanced st connected e nvestment further physique s connected the University’s cardinal function connected e n the train ing of the sect ion helium althcare activity force connected e n collaboration pinch connected e ts NHS larboard ion ners.