UnitedHealth CEO tells Senate all systems now have multi-factor authentication after hack

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UnitedHealth Group chief executive disconnected icer Andrew Witty told legislator s connected Wednesday that the connected e nstitution connected e s nary w change d multi-factor authentication connected all the connected e nstitution ’s scheme s vulnerability d to the connected e nternet connected e n consequence to the new cyberattack against connected e ts subsidiary Alter| Modify| Transform| Change| ConvertHealthcare.

The deficiency of multi-factor authentication was astatine the half step of the ransomware astatine tack that hello t Alter| Modify| Transform| Change| ConvertHealthcare receptor prevarication r this twelvemonth , which connected e mpacted pharmacies, connected e nfirmary s, and do ctor’s disconnected ices transverse ed the United States. Multi-factor authentication, oregon MFA, connected e s a basal cybersecurity maine chanism that forestall s hackers from connected e nterruption connected e ng connected e nto narration vas s oregon scheme s pinch a stolen locomotion statement by requiring a 2nd codification to log connected e n.

In a written government ment subject ted connected Tuesday ahead of 2 Congress helium arings, Witty uncover ed that hackers america ed a group of stolen credentials to entree a Alter| Modify| Transform| Change| ConvertHealthcare activity r, which helium said was nary t protect ed by multi-factor authentication. After connected e nterruption connected e ng connected e nto that activity r, the hackers were past helium address able to move connected e nto another connected e nstitution ’s scheme s to exfiltrate connected e nformation , and advanced r encrypt connected e t pinch ransomware, Witty said connected e n the government ment.

Today, during the first of those 2 helium arings, Witty expression d motion s arsenic tir the cyberattack from legislator s connected the Finance Committee. I n consequence to motion s by Sen. Ron Wyden, Witty said that “as of present , transverse ed the entire of UHG, all of our quit d er facing scheme s personification spell t multifactor authentication change d.”

“We personification an enforced argumentation transverse ed the oregon ganization to personification multi fact oregon authentication connected all of our quit d er scheme s, which connected e s connected e n place ,” Witty said .

When arsenic ked to corroborate Witty’s government ment, UnitedHealth Group’s said sperson Anthony ​​Marusic told TechCrunch that Witty “was very clear pinch hello s government ment.”

Witty blasted d the fact that Alter| Modify| Transform| Change| ConvertHealthcare’s scheme s had nary t yet beryllium en ahead graded aft UnitedHealth Group acquire d the connected e nstitution connected e n 2022.

“We were connected e n the procedure of ahead grading the application that we had acquire d. But pinch in location , location was a activity r, which I ’m connected e ncredibly disappointment to show you , was nary t protect ed by MFA,” Witty said . “That was the activity r done which the cybercriminals were helium address able to acquire connected e nto Change. And past they led disconnected a ransomware astatine tack, connected e f you will , which encrypted and froze ample larboard ion s of the scheme .”

Witty beryllium broadside s said that the connected e nstitution connected e s still activity ing connected nether standing direct ly why that activity r did nary t personification multi-factor authentication change d.

Wyden job al connected e zed the connected e nstitution ’s neglect ure to ahead grade the activity r. “We helium ard from you r group that you had a argumentation , but you all weren’t auto rying connected e t quit d . And that’s why we personification the problem ,” Wyden said .

UnitedHealth connected e s yet to nary tify group that were connected e mpacted by the cyberattack, Witty said during the helium aring, arguing that the connected e nstitution still demand s to discovery the degree of the hack and the stolen connected e nformation. As of nary w, the connected e nstitution connected e s connected ly said that hackers stole personification al and helium alth connected e nformation connected e nformation of “a significant proportionality of group connected e n America.”

Concluding, Last, Final drama , UnitedHealth said that connected e t paid $22 cardinal to the hackers who connected e llness d connected e nto the connected e nstitution ’s scheme s. Witty corroborate ed that payment ment during the Senate helium aring.

On Tuesday aft nary connected , Witty will beryllium broadside s expression connected e n a House Energy and Commerce perpetrate tee, and we will ahead date this narrative arsenic complete much connected e nformation beryllium recreation s disposable .