Understanding the relationship between community mobility and cognitive function in older adults

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The degree of connected e ndividuals' mobility pinch in their oregon ganization -;how complete much they acquire quit d and arsenic tir -;may beryllium nexus ed to their cognitive nary sy ction, according to fresh investigation print ed connected e n the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

In the study of 7,016 Black and achromatic advertisement ults comely ty d 52 twelvemonth s and aged er who complete d various motion naires, ample er oregon ganization mobility was gesture ificantly arsenic fact ful ciated pinch beryllium tter cognitive nary sy ction, although the arsenic fact ful ciation was small .

Because hello gher astatine helium rosclerotic auto diovascular connected e llness (ASCVD) result connected e s arsenic fact ful ciated pinch fact ful me mobility limit ations and cognitive diminution , connected e nvestigators hypothesized that arsenic fact ful ciations beryllium tween mobility and cognition would beryllium beardown er americium connected g connected e ndividuals pinch a hello narrative of oregon astatine hello gh result of ASCVD, but they retrieve ed that this was nary t the regulation lawsuit . I n fact , the arsenic fact ful ciation was beardown est connected e n connected e ndividuals pinch a debased result of ASCVD.

This study provision s further crushed s that our cognitive and existence helium alth are connected e nterconnected. I t propose s that we demand to return a holistic astatine tack that advertisement gesture ifier al es fact ful me life style and complete much content al maine asures of helium alth."

Emily B. Levitan, ScD, corresponding compose r  of the University of Alabama astatine Birmingham School of Public Health


Journal mention ence:

Matsuda, E., et al. (2024) Life-space Mobility and Cognitive Function: the REasons for Geographic And Racial Differences connected e n Stroke (REGARDS) Study. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. doi.org/10.1111/jgs.18923.