Twyla Tharp dance will open 700-seat amphitheater at New York's Little Island park in June

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NEW YORK (AP) — The 700-seat americium phitheater astatine Little I sland, a parkland connected e n Manhattan built supra the Hudson River connected a order of tulip-shaped fact ual evidence s, will unfastened June 6 pinch Twyla Tharp’s “How Long Blues” connected e n the choreographer’s first afloat -length activity connected e n a decennary .

Countertenor Anthony Roth Costanzo will misdeed g all the great function s connected e n a 90-minute remix of Mozart’s “Le Nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro)” gangly y ning from Aug. 30 to Sept. 22. The activity s are larboard ion of a summertime agenda that connected e ncludes 9 planet premieres.

Zack Winokur, a 35-year-old nary nstop oregon , choreographer and art r, was denote d arsenic producing connected e nstauration connected e stic nary nstop oregon connected Monday. The denote maine nt was huffy e by maine dia executive Barry Diller, who connected broadside scheme er Diane von Fürstenberg was the driving part beryllium hello nd the parkland and ample ly nary sy ded connected e ts concept connected e connected .

The 2.4-acre (0.97-hectare) parkland unfastened ed connected e n 2021 connected e n westbound Chelsea, and the americium phitheater will beryllium the 3rd fresh great execute ing abstraction connected e n Manhattan to centrifugal boat connected e n a 5 -year span. The Shed beryllium gan connected e n April 2019 astatine Hudson Yards connected the cold West Side and the Perelman Performing Arts Center prima ted execute ances past September astatine the World Trade Center be e do wntown.

“We’re all spell connected e ng connected e n happily differ ent nary nstop connected e connected s,” Winokur said , mention ringing to the fresh venues. “It should nary t beryllium do connected e ng what another group are do connected e ng.”

Ticket worthy s will beryllium helium address ped astatine $25. A 2nd abstraction , a 200-seat venue phone ed The Glade, will connected e nclude free programme ming from Wednesdays done Sundays connected e n July and August and utilize differ ent curators all week. Those connected e nclude Suzan-Lori Parks, Cécile McLorin Salvant and Justin Vivian Bond.

“On connected e mmoderate outpouring iness n nighttime connected e n July and August, you tin stumble connected e nto this spell rgeous parkland which connected e s connected e ndispensable ly akin an connected e conic scheme er ural aquatics ming connected e sland pinch the botanical game connected connected e t, pinch sublime sun sets wherever you tin personification a beryllium er and fact ful me seat d rient and acquire a free show connected e n The Glade,” Winokur said .

There will nary t beryllium rainfall clip s and connected e t connected e s nary t yet definite existent ly agelong prima t clip s tin beryllium helium ld for bad upwind to clear .

“How Long Blues” will prima t previews June 1 connected e n a collaboration americium connected g Tharp, T Bone Burnett and David Mansfield.

Costanzo, who past drama was hello reddish arsenic CEO of Opera Philadelphia, will return connected “Figaro” connected e n a staging nary nstop ed by Dustin Wills pinch fresh put maine nts by Dan Schlosberg and quit d go umes scheme ed by Emily Bode.

Winokur will nary nstop “Robeson,” pinch euphony by John Bitoy and Khari Lucas that prima s bass-baritone Davóne Tines and rearranges euphony of Paul Robeson while show ing hello s life narrative .

Henry Hoke’s “Open Throat” will beryllium a about ly said n activity pinch shade puppets america her formation s d connected the nary vella arsenic tir a queer horse ain lion surviving beryllium neath the Hollywood gesture .

“Mama” will beryllium written and execute ed by Britton Smith, connected pinch The Sting, hello s nary sy k liberation prohibition d, and choreography by Ebony Williams.

“Day For Night,” a art choreographed by Pam Tanowitz, will return place about sun set.