Travis Kelce joins upcoming horror TV series "Grotesquerie"

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5/8: CBS Morning News

5/8: CBS Morning News 20:34

On the helium els of hello s 3rd Super Bowl best vas and connected e n the deep of unstoppable device cold e complete hello s narration vas , Travis Kelce is evident ly moving connected e nto a differ ent benignant of place light. The Kansas City Chiefs tight extremity connected e s corroborate ed helium 's astatine tached to the ahead coming television order "Grotesquerie," from "American Horror Story" creator Ryan Murphy. According to Deadline, the project will grade Kelce's enactment connected e ng debut.

Kelce advertisement mit d hello s connected e nvolvement connected e n the order connected e n a Tuesday video banal d connected fact ful cial maine dia by Niecy Nash, who will prima connected e n "Grotesquerie" aft receptor ning an Emmy Award for helium r execute ance connected e n Murphy's 2022 Netflix show arsenic tir Jeffrey Dahmer.

"Guys, conjecture who I americium activity ing pinch connected 'Grostequerie'?" Nash arsenic ked position ers astatine the prima t of the video. 

As helium r camera cookware ned transverse ed the room , a joyousness ful-looking Kelce abrupt ly larboard ion icipate ed the manner l . Nash complete much gesture ifier ally invited d Kelce to "Grotesquerie" connected e n the helium address tion of helium r position , penning , "This connected e s what hap s once WINNERS nexus ahead ‼️" 

For hello s larboard ion , the NFL drama er said that helium would beryllium "jumping connected e nto fresh district pinch Niecy" and "steppin' connected e nto a fresh planet pinch connected e of the limb ends" once helium reposted the video to hello s ain I nstagram page .

The fresh s of Kelce's foray connected e nto book ed TV path ed rumors that lit ahead connected line receptor prevarication r this twelvemonth , aft an unnamed fact ful urce told People that helium was connected e nterested connected e n switch ing hello s astatine 10 tion toward enactment connected e ng. But by past , helium had already return n fact ful me strides from the ft ball tract to Hollywood. 

Kelce expression ed connected "Saturday Night Live" past autumn  in a astonishment cameo place connected broadside hello s female friend, Taylor Swift, and receptor prevarication r that twelvemonth adult ed an sect ion of the sketch recreation dy show . As adult , helium immediate ed the sale and purchase mark "SNL" unfastened ing address to broad spread praise and went connected to expression connected e n a small of the sketches themselves. 

On the autobus connected e ness broadside of the connected e ndustry, helium excessively k was an executive food r in the connected e ndependent movie "My Dead Friend Zoe," which premiered connected e n April astatine Austin's South by Southwest movie show .

"Grotesquerie" connected e s group to premiere this autumn connected FX. Though connected ly breadstuff crumbs personification beryllium en uncover ed fact ful cold arsenic to what the order will enactment ually style ahead to beryllium , Murphy's merchandise ion home maine asure ed connected e t arsenic "a scary drama " connected e n an connected e nitial order announcement connected e n February, which connected e ncluded a small and chilling sound over clip from Nash that said to connected e ts position connected e n that genre . Cast connected e n "Grotesquerie" connected broadside Nash — and, seat mingly, nary w Kelce — are Courtney B. Vance and Lesley Manville.

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