Track opioid settlement payouts — to the cent — in your community

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State and section governments are receiving billions of dollars successful settlements from companies that made, sold, aliases distributed medicine painkillers and were accused of fueling nan opioid crisis. More than a twelve companies will salary nan money complete astir 2 decades. As of precocious February 2024, much than $4.3 cardinal had landed successful authorities coffers.

KFF Health News has been search really that money is utilized — aliases misused — nationwide.

But determining really overmuch of that windfall arrived successful a circumstantial region aliases metropolis — and really overmuch will travel successful nan early — tin beryllium challenging. Most localities are not required to make nan accusation public.

BrownGreer, nan court-appointed patient administering nan settlements, tracks overmuch of this information but kept it backstage until KFF Health News negotiated to get it past year. KFF Health News made that accusation nationalist for nan first clip past June.

Five months later, BrownGreer began softly posting updated versions of nan accusation connected a nationalist website.

Roma Petkauskas, a partner astatine BrownGreer, told KFF Health News that nan alteration was made to assistance authorities and section governments successful accessing nan accusation easy and "to beforehand transparency into nan administration" of nan settlements. She said nan information is updated "regularly erstwhile caller payments are issued," which tin beryllium arsenic predominant arsenic doubly a month.

KFF Health News downloaded nan information connected March 4 and transformed it from state-by-state spreadsheets pinch abstracted entries for each settling institution to a searchable database. Users tin find nan full dollar magnitude their city, county, aliases authorities has received aliases expects to person each year.

Determining really overmuch money has arrived is nan first measurement successful assessing whether nan settlements will make a dent successful nan nation's addiction crisis.

Although this is nan astir broad information disposable astatine a nationalist scale, it provides conscionable a snapshot of each opioid colony payouts.

The accusation presently reflects only nan largest colony to date: $26 cardinal to beryllium paid by pharmaceutical distributors AmerisourceBergen (now called Cencora), Cardinal Health, and McKesson, arsenic good arsenic opioid shaper Janssen (now known arsenic Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine).

Most states person besides settled pinch supplier manufacturers Teva and Allergan, arsenic good arsenic Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS. Petkauskas said BrownGreer began distributing payments from these 5 companies successful 2024 and plans to update its information to bespeak specified payments successful July.

Other settlements, including pinch OxyContin shaper Purdue, are still pending.

This information does not bespeak further settlements that immoderate authorities and section governments person entered into beyond nan nationalist deals, specified arsenic nan statement betwixt Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, and Ohio and location supermarket concatenation Meijer.

As such, this database undercounts nan magnitude of opioid colony money astir places person received and will receive.

Payment specifications for immoderate states are not disposable because those states were not portion of nationalist colony agreements, had unsocial colony terms, aliases opted not to person their payments distributed via BrownGreer. A fewer examples include:

  • Alabama and West Virginia declined to subordinate respective nationalist settlements and alternatively reached individual settlements pinch galore of these companies.
  • Texas and Nevada were paid successful afloat by Janssen extracurricular of nan nationalist settlement, truthful their payout information reflects payments only from AmerisourceBergen, Cardinal Health, and McKesson.
  • Florida, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania, among others, opted to person a lump-sum costs via BrownGreer past administer nan money to localities themselves.

KFF Health News' Colleen DeGuzman contributed to this report. Jai Aslam besides contributed.

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