Tish Cyrus Describes Her ‘Problem’ With Husband Dominic Purcell After His Past Romance With Noah Surfaces

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The Cyrus family person reportedly been astatine likelihood pinch 1 different for rather immoderate time, but nan astir caller play is reportedly betwixt Tish Cyrus and her girl Noah Cyrus. Earlier this year, aggregate outlets reported that Tish’s husband, Dominic Purcell, antecedently dated Noah, 24 earlier he joined Tish, 56. Now, nan Cyrus matriarch is revealing what “could beryllium a problem” betwixt her and Dominic, 54.

Tish sat down pinch her daughter Brandi Cyrus connected nan “Sorry We’re Stoned” podcast connected Thursday, March 28. While discussing really she fell successful emotion pinch Dominic, Tish explained really they tin sometimes beryllium astatine likelihood pinch each other.

“I was truthful frightened erstwhile I first met Dom, my husband, which was not that agelong ago,” Tish admitted. “But it is crazy because I americium a Taurus, and he is an Aquarius, and each azygous point I publication said, ‘Don’t moreover do it. It is nan absolute worst pairing.'”

She went connected to constituent retired that she takes “things truthful personally,” meantime her hubby is “just very blunt, like, location is nary lukewarm and fuzzy.”

“I was an only child, I was adopted, truthful I was coddled a lot. I benignant of person needed that,” Tish continued earlier adding, “But that’s conscionable not who he is. He is not emotional, and that could beryllium a problem.”

After pointing retired that their characteristic differences tin “definitely” lead to “issues,” she added, “but issues also, because I emotion him, that I’m dealing with.”

The movie shaper concluded, “But you cognize what? This is wherever I’ve grown, is like, I conscionable consciousness for illustration alternatively now of maine getting truthful offended, because I respect and emotion him, that we person conversations. And alternatively [of] getting truthful upset and heated astir it, and maine not taking it personally, conscionable letting him person an opinion. I’ve ne'er been bully astatine that.”

Earlier this month, respective outlets reported that Noah and Dominic dated successful nan past. However, nary 1 from nan Cyrus family has commented connected nan news.

“Noah and Tish haven’t been adjacent since Tish started making love Dominic,” Entertainment Tonight reported earlier this month. “Tish didn’t induce Noah to her wedding because she thought it would origin a segment and drama.”

Tish and Dominic sewage joined successful August 2023. Brandi and sister Miley Cyrus were some coming astatine their mom’s wedding, while Noah was noticeably absent.

Previously, Tish was pinch her ex-husband, Billy Ray Cyrus, from 1993 to 2023. The 2 divided aggregate times passim their on-and-off marriage. The “Achy Break Heart” artist, 62, has since moved connected pinch his caller wife, Firerose. They tied nan knot successful October 2023.