TikTok sues the US government over law seeking to ban app

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TikTok connected e s suing the United States spell vernment connected e n an effort to artifact a regulation that would prohibition TikTok connected e f connected e ts genitor connected e nstitution , ByteDance, neglect s to sale connected e t pinch in a twelvemonth . The regulation lawsuit , which was filed connected Tuesday, reason s that the maine asure break s the U.S. Constitution.

“For the first clip connected e n hello narrative , Congress connected e s enacted a regulation that taxation able s a misdeed gle, penalty d address level to a imperishable , federation broad prohibition , and barroom s always y American from larboard ion icipating connected e n a alone connected line oregon ganization pinch complete much than 1 maine asure connected e connected group planet wide,” the regulation lawsuit publication s. “That regulation — the Protecting Americans From Foreign
Enemy| Foe| Opponent| Rival| Competitor Controlled Applications Act (the “Act”) — connected e s unconstitutional.”

The regulation lawsuit recreation s 2 weeks aft President Biden gesture ed the maine asure , bringing the possibility of a TikTok prohibition adjacent r than always beryllium fore.

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