TikTok is bringing its dedicated STEM feed to Europe

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As TikTok continues to look accrued unit successful nan U.S. and nan U.K., nan institution is signaling its committedness to fostering acquisition contented connected its app. The institution announced connected Tuesday that it’s expanding its dedicated STEM provender crossed Europe, starting successful nan U.K. and Ireland, aft first launching it successful nan U.S. past year.

The STEM provender will statesman to automatically look alongside nan “For You” and “Following” feeds for users nether nan property of 18. Users supra nan property of 18 tin alteration nan STEM provender via nan app’s “content preferences” settings. The provender includes English-speaking contented pinch auto-translate subtitles.

TikTok says that since launching nan provender successful nan U.S. past year, 33% of users person nan STEM provender enabled and a 3rd of teens spell to nan STEM provender each week. The app has seen a 24% maturation successful STEM-related contented successful nan U.S. since nan provender launched. Over nan past 3 years, almost 15 cardinal STEM-related videos person been published connected nan app globally.

The institution is expanding its partnerships pinch Common Sense Networks and Poynter to measure each of nan contented appearing connected nan STEM feed. Common Sense Networks will analyse nan contented to guarantee it’s due for nan STEM feed, while Poynter will measure nan reliability of nan information. Content that doesn’t walk some of these checkpoints will not beryllium eligible for nan STEM feed.

The motorboat of nan STEM provender comes arsenic TikTok has been criticized for showing harmful contented to kids and teens, pinch rights groups alleging that nan app uses addictive creation practices to support users engaged for arsenic agelong arsenic possible.

In February, nan European Union said it was investigating whether TikTok has breached the Digital Services Act, which includes rules for keeping users safe online. The committee is investigating whether nan app is doing capable to extremity minors from uncovering inappropriate contented and determining whether its creation choices stimulate addictive behavior. 

With today’s announcement, TikTok is seeking to further coming itself arsenic an acquisition hub for nan millions of young users connected its app arsenic a measurement to antagonistic criticisms from lawmakers astir nan world. The institution has already utilized nan STEM provender to antagonistic claims that it’s harmful for young users, arsenic TikTok CEO Shou Chew touted nan provender while testifying successful 2 abstracted US legislature hearings, 1 successful March 2023 and 1 successful January 2024.