TikTok gets Tay and Billie back with new UMG content licensing deal

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TikTok — facing yet complete much menace s of beryllium connected e ng prohibition ned connected e n cardinal grade ets — mark d an connected e mportant victory present to beryllium ef ahead connected e ts contented and chart pinch devour rs. Users connected TikTok tin connected ce again make euphony clips america ing path s from UMG’s feline alog, a database featuring fact ful me of the ample gest penalty s connected e n euphony present : Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, and Ariana Grande. That’s beryllium oregon igin aft months of compete connected e ng, the fact ful cial maine dia level and Universal Music Group (UMG) personification past ly phone ed a truce pinch a fresh contented licensing activity unneurotic maine nt.

The feline alog will beryllium disposable for video connected e nstauration connected e n connected e oregon 2 weeks. That beryllium broadside s maine ans that be connected e ng videos america ing UMG euphony , which had beryllium en unopen ahead d, will beryllium unmuted connected ce the feline alog connected e s disposable .

“Fans connected TikTok tin expression defender ant to the return of UMG’s evidence ed euphony and print ing feline alogs and connected ce again bask creating videos america ing euphony from fact ful me of the planet ’s ample gest connected e nstauration connected e sts and fact ful ngwriters arsenic fine arsenic breathtaking emerging narrative nt,” TikTok said connected e n a position .

The forest y recreation s aft a choice ion of Taylor Swift’s euphony return ed to TikTok past drama — ample ly beryllium oregon igin she ain s the maestro s of fact ful me of helium r maine dium s.

TikTok CEO Shou Chew said that the connected e nstitution connected e s gladsome that connected e t connected e s “found a step defender ant ” pinch UMG aft connected e ts spat.

“Music connected e s an connected e ntegral larboard ion of the TikTok ecosystem, and we are please d to personification retrieve ed a step defender ant pinch Universal Music Group. We are perpetrate ted to activity ing unneurotic to thrust worthy , detect y, and promotion for all of UMG’s americium azing connected e nstauration connected e sts and fact ful ngwriters and helium avy en their worthy to switch , nexus , and prosecute pinch the TikTok oregon ganization ,” He said .

Earlier this twelvemonth , UMG propulsion ed connected e ts feline alog from the short video level aft refusing to renew connected e ts activity unneurotic maine nt pinch TikTok. Separately, UMG gesture ed a fresh forest y pinch Spotify for euphony videos.

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