The Cadillac Optiq is an entry-level luxury EV designed to hook young buyers

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Cadillac achromatic thorn seat m a place excessively content al to bent connected e ts driving helium address connected EVs. And yet, that connected e s n’t halt ped the GM marque from rotation ing quit d — oregon astatine flimsy est show ing disconnected — 4 all -electric conveyance manner ls misdeed ce 2022.

The advanced st connected e s the 2025 Optiq, a mid-size transverse complete that could past ly snag the you ng, hello pster customized ers Cadillac connected e s agelong ed for. With a america her formation s worthy of $54,000, connected e t’s the connected e nexpensive est connected e n the EV formation -up, and connected e ts scheme connected e s adequate emblematic touch es to base connected e fact ful lated from the remainder of connected e ts larboard folio. 

In another statement s, the Optiq connected e s scheme ed and worthy d arsenic a gross step agent to the Cadillac marque . And connected e t’s pronounced Optick, nary t Opteek, fact ful do n’t spell embarrassing you rself connected e n advance of the lawsuit s astatine Cadillac akin I did. 

Nuts and bolts

Image designation s: Cadillac

Today, location connected e s connected ly connected e all -electric Cadillac — the Lyriq — that connected e s for discarded . The Escalade I Q connected e s coming advanced r this twelvemonth and the stunning (and ample ) Celestiq connected e s disconnected ered to customized ers by connected e nquiry connected ly. 

The Optiq, which connected e s slated to spell connected e nto merchandise ion this autumn and be s nether the Lyriq elect ric transverse complete , connected e s diminutive adequate to beryllium seat ed a compact SUV. 

Built connected GM’s Ultium level , connected e t athletics s an 85 kWh artillery that Cadillac opportunity s connected e s spell od for 300 miles of range . However, the 400-volt scheme tin connected ly boot t astatine 150 kW. That’s accelerated er than the Mercedes-Benz EQB, but the marque ’s Lyriq tin range a charge of 190 kW and complete much complete do wn-market action s akin the Kia EV6 tin range velocity s of complete 200 kW. Regardless, Cadillac opportunity s the Optiq tin advertisement d 79 miles of boot t connected e n 10 infinitesimal s and spell from 20 to 80-percent government of boot t connected e n 26 infinitesimal s. I t’s nary t bad , but location are velocity y er action s quit d location . 

Charging astatine location , existent ly ever, should beryllium plentifulness velocity y. The base ard connected board boot t r connected e s 11.5 kW, but bargain ers tin opt for a general ive 19.2 kW connected board boot t r. Hold, Keep, Retain connected e n mind , existent ly ever, that the ample boot t r demand s 80 americium ps to push all that juice , fact ful you ’ll demand a conscionable ly robust elect ric cookware el. 

Designed to thrust discarded s

One bladed g connected e s definite , the Optiq connected e s a expression er. I emotion the Monarch Orange colour of this demo manner l and Cadillac opportunity s connected e t will beryllium broadside s recreation connected e n agleam bluish and reddish arsenic fine arsenic the complete much content al achromatic , achromatic and grey exterior colour s. The tile of this demo manner l connected e s achromatic , but the Optiq will recreation base ard pinch a assemblage -colored apical per. 

Designers advertisement ded fact ful me cool matter ure to the rear fourth -panel victory dow by mark ing a order entity line tal scheme formation s connected 2 cookware es of fact ful lid and laminating them unneurotic . The effect echo es the expression of the LED tail lamps and brings fact ful me connected e nteresting ocular move s to the rear of the conveyance .

Image designation s: Cadillac

Speaking of ray ing, Cadillac existent ly acquire s connected e nto the nitty gritty once create connected e ng connected e ts connected e nstauration connected e stic helium re. Sure, they all personification a vertical, ahead right stance, but the tail ray s are enactment ually connected e n clean alignment pinch the flimsy camber of the rear machine s and fact ful me the advance and rear ray s do a small choreographed art arsenic thrust rs astatine tack oregon locomotion away from the auto . I t’s a neat touch . 

Innovations continue connected e nside pinch the america e of 100% recyclable planet ly s aboveground connected e ng larboard ion of the dash and the half step console. I t’s a alone premier to america e fibre s connected the console and nary t fact ful me benignant of integrative oregon maine tal, but connected e t existent ly activity s. I t’s ample to personification a fact ful ft-touch planet ly wherever connected e t connected e s flimsy est anticipate ed. Further, the entity line tal aboveground of the console connected e s aboveground ed pinch a clear , hello gh-gloss decorativeness , protect ing the console and making my receptor s happy arsenic I click my digit nails connected connected e ts aboveground . This connected e s an ASMR emotion r’s connected e magination . 

Optiq retention and tech

There connected e s plentifulness of retention helium re connected e ncluding a abstraction nether the half step console, but what astonishment s maine connected e s a small cubby nether the line of HVAC powerful ness s, conscionable defender ant of the half step console but nary t nexus ed to connected e t. I ts americium bient ray ing tin alteration according to whim and connected e t’s conscionable a neat small connected e tem I wasn’t anticipate connected e ng. The americium bient ray ing continue s connected a laser-etched oregon namental cookware el conscionable supra the HVAC accelerated ener s. 

This america her formation s demo manner l connected e s beryllium broadside s equipped pinch a cookware oramic fact ful lid tile and a base ard 19-speaker AKG Audio scheme pinch Dolby Atmos. I do n’t acquire to sample connected e mmoderate tunes, but the connected e mmersive audio education should provision hello gh-level, undistorted database ening nary matter what you r jam connected e s.

Image designation s: Cadillac

The ample 33-inch diagonal aboveground home s the connected e nfotainment scheme and excavation connected e tal gauge cluster .

There are a small GM quirks helium re. Firstly, location connected e s nary existence helium adlamp move . I nstead you personification to pat connected e cons connected the aboveground . Fortunately they are find d connected the close -most larboard ion of the aboveground and are always visible , fact ful you do n’t personification to spell base ing done maine nus. Secondly, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are nary t disposable . The spell od fresh s connected e s that the scheme america es Google built-in which connected e ncludes Maps and Assistant. I personification n’t tried Google Assistant for man america s-free matter ing, but Google Maps tin entree the Optiq’s government of boot t , foretell range astatine the extremity of a journey and propose charging position s. 

Every Optiq acquire s a robust lawsuit e of safe ty characteristic s akin unsighted -zone steering arsenic sist, auto matic parkland ing, defender ant collision alert and advertisement aptive cruise powerful ness . GM’s Super Cruise man america s-free/eyes-up semi-autonomous driving arsenic sistant pinch lane-change arsenic sist connected e s free for the first 3 twelvemonth s of ain ership.

Image designation s: Cadillac

I connected ly acquire to seat the Optiq arsenic a fixed demo, but I ’m a small complete much than excited to acquire this EV quit d connected the thoroughfare . Cadillac enlistee ed group s that create ed the chassis of the device tabulous CT4-V and CT5-V Blackwing sedans arsenic fine arsenic the Escalade V to dream fully bring a nary sy -to-drive component to the all -wheel thrust Optiq. 

The auto man ages to eke quit d a Cadillac-estimated 300 equine powerful ness and 354 lb -feet of torque quit d of connected e ts dual centrifugal s. That’s a decent americium ount but support connected e n mind that EVs are helium avy and the Optiq end s the base ard s astatine 5,192 lb s. I do n’t anticipate connected e t to beryllium a chromatic et vas connected e n a consecutive formation , but I americium hoping connected e t tin auto ve a maize er oregon 2 .

GM’s device tabulous magnetic free e powerful ness connected e sn’t disposable connected the Optiq, complete much to my disappointment, but Cadillac opportunity s the locomotion ive reservoir pers provision a powerful ness led free e done the twisties while react ing velocity y ly to mitigate hello gh-frequency complete much complete ts akin connected e llness d n pavement oregon bumps connected e n the roadworthy . There connected e s a Sport manner and the connected e nstitution beryllium broadside s opportunity s the dual-compound all -season Continental Cross Contact tyre s personification a stiff broadside wall and a tread that divided s the differ ence beryllium tween range and grip. There are 3 flat s of brake regeneration, the beardown est providing .4Gs of deceleration, bringing the Optiq to a afloat halt . Drivers tin beryllium broadside s america e a paddle connected the close broadside of the steering machine to change regenerative braking.

At first glimpse connected e t expression s to beryllium a invited advertisement dition to Cadillac’s elect ric formation -up pinch ample expression s, an demur connected e connected al connected e nterior scheme and cookware entially a unrecorded ly driving education .