The Browser Company releases Arc for Windows

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The Browser Company, makers of nan Arc web browser, released its Windows type today. The institution started testing the Windows customer successful December, and it said that much than 150,000 group person been utilizing it.

The startup, which intends to switch your existent browser, precocious raised $50 cardinal astatine a $550 cardinal valuation. Today, The Browser Company opened entree to its Windows type to each users without immoderate waitlist. Previously, nan waitlist had much than 1 cardinal group connected it.

The institution started pinch an invite-only Mac-based type successful 2022 and opened it to everyone successful July 2023.

Arc for Window

Image Credits: The Browser Company

The Browser Company decided to build nan Windows type successful Swift truthful it could reuse and stock nan mostly of nan codebase pinch nan Mac version. Swift is simply a programming connection that Apple primitively designed to create iPhone and Mac apps. Using Swift connected Windows will make it easier to support characteristic parity successful nan future. The institution has besides written extensively astir its acquisition building successful Swift connected Windows to thief developers looking to larboard their Mac apps.

Features connected nan Windows version

Arc connected Windows has immoderate halfway features of nan Mac version, including nan sidebar pinch astir utilized webpages pinned up top; Spaces, which are for illustration folders for different sets of tabs for different tasks specified arsenic “Work,” “Entertainment,” “Vacation” and “Notetaking”; profiles for abstracted browsing information and preferences; divided position for opening aggregate tabs successful a azygous window; and support for picture-in-picture video subordinate truthful you tin look astatine different tabs while watching a video clip.

Arc for Window image successful image

Image Credits: The Browser Company

The Windows squad has besides included nan Peek feature, which was missing from nan first version. Peek lets you spot a speedy nexus preview from nan pinned and favorites tabs without clicking connected nan link.

This month, it introduced Arc Sync crossed devices to fto users entree their sidebar, spaces, folders, and tabs are accessible crossed devices. This characteristic will activity connected nan Windows type arsenic well.

One of nan superior differentiators betwixt nan Windows and Mac versions is that nan erstwhile supports touchscreens.

However, nan recently released Windows versions miss features for illustration Little Arc, which is simply a floating browser model for impermanent uses specified arsenic opening a link. The institution didn’t specify if nan Windows type has AI-powered features specified arsenic link preview summaries, renaming downloaded files, instant links to service websites directly, and automatically updating unrecorded folders.

What’s ahead

Currently, Arc for Windows only supports Windows 11, but nan startup is moving connected support for Windows 10.

The institution besides said that it wants to bring characteristic parity to some Mac and Windows but didn’t supply a timeline for it.

Earlier this year, The Browser Company released a mobile app for iPhone called Arc Search. With nan latest release, nan institution said it plans to merchandise an Arc Search customer for Android.