Tesla profits tumble, Fisker flatlines, and California cities battle for control of AVs

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Welp, Tesla net happened this week — and yea that was a lot. A batch of what, you ask? A batch of nan aforesaid kinds of promises and manus waving we’ve seen before, but conscionable wrapped up successful somewhat different packaging. The stakes this clip astir punctual maine of Tesla’s pre-profit era circa 2018.

Now, to beryllium clear, Tesla has enjoyed profitability since 2020. But it is facing downward unit connected its bottommost statement — nan institution saw profits autumn 55% twelvemonth complete year — and an aging portfolio of its highest measurement vehicles. (And yes, we covered nan caller Model 3 Performance variant; I’m talking astir caller wide marketplace models here.)

Tesla CEO Elon Musk request to make caller sources of revenue. And fast. The institution can’t hold 2 years — aliases much — to motorboat a caller level to present a sub-$25,000 EV.

So, Musk tweaked that plan, from what we cognize truthful far. Which isn’t a lot. During nan Q1 net call, Musk presented an opaque plan, pinch fewer details, to motorboat aggregate cheaper EVs successful 2025 (and possibly moreover precocious 2024).

Musk understands that nan marketplace has rewarded him successful nan past for being a guardant philosopher and an innovator — moreover if those plans don’t travel to fruition. So, Musk besides pulled connected that futurist lever, promising greater levels of automated driving capacity successful its FSD driver-assistance package and a robotaxi (again). Lest you forget, Musk announced during nan company’s Autonomy Day successful 2019 that Tesla was going to launch a robotaxi network by nan pursuing year. Musk has talked astir nan Tesla Network and ambitions to let owners to spot their vehicles connected nan ride-hailing app since 2016.

Shareholders responded pinch glee because nan early is now, aliases possibly adjacent year. Okay, possibly astatine nan extremity of nan decade? Anyway, it’s exciting.

In an unrelated note, nan precocious departed high-profile Tesla exec Drew Baglino sold astir 1.14 cardinal of his shares worth $181.47 million. The filing described it arsenic an workout of banal options.

Let’s go! 

A small bird

blinky feline vertebrate green

A little bird pointed retired to maine that Valeo CTO Geoffrey Bouquot is leaving nan institution aft 8 years. For nan unfamiliar, Valeo is simply a French car parts supplier that has pushed into nan EV and automated driving space. The institution moreover has an AI investigation halfway dedicated to automotive applications.

That EV assemblage had been promising for Valeo, but this caller 4th reflected what is happening successful nan remainder of nan sector. The institution posted little first-quarter income aft its high-voltage electrification strategy income fell by astir half. Valeo is now adjusting to automakers’ needs aka hybrids.

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money nan station

Who’s sewage deals? We do. Here are a fistful that stood out.

Chemix, a institution utilizing AI to velocity up nan improvement of next-gen EV batteries, raised $20 million successful a Series A backing information led by Ibex Investors. Other participants included Mayfield Fund, Berkeley SkyDeck and Urban Innovation Fund arsenic good arsenic strategical investors BNP Paribas Solar Impulse Venture Fund, Global Brain’s KDDI Open Innovation Fund III and Porsche Ventures.

LanzaJet, a sustainable fuels exertion institution and fuels producer, received an undisclosed finance from Microsoft’s Climate Innovation Fund. A report successful Axios Pro says nan institution is raising $100 cardinal and expects to adjacent this quarter.

Outpost, an Austin, Texas-based startup that manages a web of semi-truck parking facilities, raised $12.5 million successful a Series A backing information led by GreenPoint Partners. The recently branded company, founded successful 2021 nether nan sanction Semi-Stow, besides received backing from Speedwagon Capital Partners.

Radical, a Seattle-based startup processing solar-powered, high-altitude autonomous aircraft, raised $4.5 million successful a seed information led by Scout Ventures, pinch further backing from investors, including Inflection Mercury Fund and Y Combinator.

Solera, nan automotive information and software-as-a-service company, is evaluating an first nationalist offering that could raise much than $1 billion, Bloomberg reported.

Stark Future, a Spanish startup that makes off-road electrical motorcycles, raised €25 million from Big Bets. The institution will usage nan costs to grow accumulation capacity for its Stark VARG electrical off-road motorcycle.

Notable sounds and different tidbits


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration closed a long-standing investigation into Tesla’s Autopilot driver-assistance system aft reviewing hundreds of crashes involving its misuse, including 13 that were fatal and “many much involving superior injuries.” Tl;dr: The agency called Tesla’s driver engagement strategy “weak” and said it was “not due for Autopilot’s permissive operating capabilities.”

Autonomous vehicles

TC newsman Rebecca Bellan has been keeping way of legislative activity successful California — 1 of nan hotbeds of AV activity. Check retired nan latest connected 4 bills that are being considered by nan authorities legislature and really 1 successful peculiar could put cities successful a much powerful position.

Electric vehicles, charging & batteries

Faraday Future is astir to get booted from nan Nasdaq Capital Market — a tier wrong nan speech for little weighted companies — because its stock value has been excessively low, for excessively long.

Fisker is planning much layoffs little than 2 months after cutting 15% of its workforce. The institution expects to activity bankruptcy protection wrong nan adjacent 30 days if it can’t travel up pinch that money, according to a regulatory filing.

Mercedes gave america a adjacent look astatine nan upcoming all-electric G-Class — nan “Birkin bag” of nan automaker’s portfolio. Read much astir how it compares to nan gas-powered version.

Rivian is offering discounts of up to $5,000 connected its EVs — and a twelvemonth of free charging — to customers consenting to waste and acquisition successful eligible gas-powered trucks and SUVs. Those eligible vehicles, which see nan Ford F-150, uncover what customers Rivian is targeting.

Future of flight

Amazon ended Prime Air drone transportation operations successful Lockeford, California. The Central California municipality of 3,500 was nan company’s 2nd U.S. drone transportation site, aft College Station, Texas.

Joby Aviation, nan California institution processing electrical aircraft, signed a memorandum of knowing statement pinch 3 Abu Dhabi authorities departments to found an electric aerial taxi service ecosystem.

Zipline passed a awesome milestone this week. One of its autonomous drones, called “Zips,” carried 2 bags of IV fluid from Zipline’s distribution halfway successful Ghana’s Western North Region to a section wellness installation — nan company’s millionth delivery.

In-car tech

Here’s a nerdy 1 I enjoyed. Automotive electronics supplier Elektrobit announced EB corbos Linux for Safety Applications. What do those words moreover mean? Ars Technica has a nice explainer, but fundamentally Elektrobit developed an unfastened source-based automotive operating strategy that has been certified for automotive information compliance. If you attraction astir “software-defined vehicles,” this matters!

This week’s wheels

lexus lc500h

Image Credits: Kirsten Korosec

The 2024 Lexus LC 500h is not an EV. But complete present astatine TC, we are besides willing successful hybrids! Plus, it’s been a infinitesimal since I person spent immoderate clip exploring nan galore offerings nether nan Lexus brand. The Lexus LC 500h starts astatine $101,250, but nan type I drove popped up to $113,350 acknowledgment to immoderate further premium touches for illustration an upgraded audio system, retractable helping and a c fibre roof.

The Lexus LC 500h isn’t a conveyance you spot each day, aliases twelvemonth even. I suppose it’s because coupes are not truthful celebrated these days — crossovers norm that roost — though I rather for illustration nan looks and proportions of nan Lexus LC 500h and its V8-engined twin.

This conveyance comes pinch a 3.5L, six-cylinder hybrid motor that produces 354 horsepower acknowledgment to nan summation of an electrical centrifugal that delivers powerfulness to nan rear wheels. Another electrical centrifugal is what charges up nan vehicle’s battery.

The funny portion is that this conveyance has a multistage transmission. So fundamentally this intends that Lexus took its existing electronically controlled, continuously adaptable transmission strategy and past added different gearbox (a four-speed transmission) down it. The reasoning is that this gives drivers a sportier acquisition and 10 different cogwheel selections via nan paddles down nan steering instrumentality erstwhile nan conveyance is successful manual mode. The Lexus multistage hybrid strategy has been astir for years now, but I had yet to really play astir pinch it.

My take: After immoderate clip successful manual mode, I recovered myself conscionable putting it backmost successful “drive” and letting nan conveyance do nan activity for me.