Research uncovers Blautia bacteria's crucial role in gut health and disease protection

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A low-fiber “Western diet” causes harm to nan protective mucus obstruction successful nan gut, and specified harm tin summation nan consequence of inflammation and infection. By studying nan gut germs of group who accrued their intake of dietary fiber, researchers astatine Umeå University person recovered that nan intestinal bacterium Blautia plays a cardinal domiciled successful protecting nan mucus barrier. The results are published successful nan diary Nature Communications.

Our results lend to an accrued knowing of really nan intestinal germs and nan mucus furniture activity together, which whitethorn yet lead to caller curen strategies for diseases linked to nan Western fare specified arsenic nan inflammatory bowel illness ulcerative colitis."

Sandra Holmberg, PhD student astatine nan Department of Molecular Biology astatine Umeå University

To protect itself against nan trillions of microorganisms successful our intestines, our assemblage needs effective defence mechanisms. One of nan main protections is nan mucus furniture that covers nan intestinal wall. Normally, this mucus is impermeable to germs and frankincense maintains a patient region from nan intestinal bacteria. In nan ample intestine, wherever nan magnitude of germs is greatest, this obstruction is preserved done continuous secretion of mucus by our body.

Diet shapes nan intestinal germs creation and nan mucus barrier. Previous studies person shown that if mice are fixed a high-fat/high sweetener Western fare that is besides debased successful dietary fibre , nan creation othe intestinal bacterial organization changes, little mucus is secreted and nan remaining mucus becomes penetrable to bacteria. This increases nan consequence for infection and inflammation because nan intestinal germs tin travel person to nan body. Since infection and inflammation are alternatively an objection than nan rule, it has been unclear which intestinal germs are important for mucus regularisation and what nan system is.

In collaboration pinch researchers successful Germany and Finland, Research chap Björn Schröder and his group person investigated precisely this by pursuing group who changed their fare and past utilizing rodent models to study nan effect of nan intestinal germs connected mucus function.

In nan three-month study, nan patient participants accrued their regular dietary fibre intake by 10 grams, which is balanced to astir 4 apples aliases 3 deciliters of oatmeal. To study nan value of nan accrued fibre intake, gut germs were collected astatine nan opening and nan extremity of nan study. These gut germs were past transplanted into mice which were fed a low-fiber Western diet. In nan group of animals transplanted pinch intestinal germs from nan opening of nan study, nan researchers observed harm of nan mucus layer. The other was seen successful nan group pinch accrued depletion of dietary fibres, wherever nan mucus furniture looked fine.

"The consequence highlights nan important domiciled that dietary fibre has for our intestinal bacteria, which successful move contributes to maintaining nan important mucus barrier," says Rachel Feeney, Doctoral student astatine nan Department of Molecular Biology astatine Umeå University.

The researchers further studied nan bacterial creation of nan intestinal germs and saw, among different things, that nan magnitude of nan bacterium Blautia was higher aft a play of accrued fibre intake. Its beingness besides correlated pinch nan mucus usability measured successful nan mice. In supplementary rodent studies wherever only Blautia was added together pinch nan Western diet, akin improvements of mucus function, arsenic antecedently seen erstwhile transplanting nan quality high-fibre bacteria, could beryllium noted.

Using a specialized mucus measurement technique, nan researchers discovered that moreover secreted molecules from Blautia could straight stimulate mucus secretion, explaining really its beingness tin support mucus usability successful nan low-fiber environment. When further searching for nan personality of these Blautia-secreted molecules, nan researchers recovered short-chain fatty acids- structures antecedently shown to beryllium beneficial to gut health. Surprisingly, these molecules were capable to straight amended mucus function, which describes nan system down nan bacteria's function.

The summation of Blautia besides reduced nan severity of infection of an intestinal rodent pathogen akin to nan quality disease-causing bacterium E. coli.

"Therefore, we concluded that nan Blautia whitethorn besides person protective effects successful lawsuit of infection," says Vishnu Prasoodanan, postdoctoral chap astatine nan Department of Molecular Biology astatine Umeå University.


Journal reference:

Holmberg, S. M., et al. (2024). The gut commensal Blautia maintains colonic mucus usability nether low-fiber depletion done secretion of short-chain fatty acids. Nature Communications.

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