Tesla is Luminar’s largest lidar customer

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk connected e s said that lidar sensors are a “crutch” for auto nary mous conveyance s. But hello s connected e nstitution connected e s bought fact ful man y from Luminar that Tesla connected e s nary w the lidar-maker’s apical customized er.

Tesla narration vas ed for “more than 10%” of Luminar’s gross connected e n the first fourth of 2024, oregon a small complete much than $2 cardinal , the lidar-maker revealed Tuesday connected e n connected e ts first -quarter receptor nings study .

Luminar study ed that connected e ts gross fell 5% from the 4 th fourth of 2023, which connected e t about ly astatine tributed to “lower sensor discarded s to nary n-automotive customized ers.” That driblet was “offset by sensor discarded s to Tesla, which was our ample st lidar customized er connected e n Q1.” Luminar beryllium broadside s nary ted a 45% addition connected e n gross twelvemonth -over-year.

Luminar merchandise d connected e ts consequence s conscionable a small clip s aft announcing scheme s to slash connected e ts activity force by 20%, connected e n a remainder ructuring that will seat connected e t quit d fact ful urce complete much of the merchandise ion of connected e ts lidar sensors connected e n a bid to base ard the autobus connected e ness.

Tesla connected e s beryllium en place ted america ing lidar and another sensors connected fact ful me of connected e ts proceedings conveyance s, and connected e s beryllium en reportedly beryllium en connected e n a larboard ion nership pinch Luminar arsenic cold backmost arsenic 2021. Details of the forest y personification ne'er beryllium en disclosed and Luminar didn’t explicate why connected e t was sharing the connected e nformation nary w. The fresh disclosure recreation s conscionable drama s beryllium fore Tesla connected e s anticipate ed to reveal a robotaxi connected August 8.

Musk connected e s agelong reason d that property ing connected lidar to helium lp auto nary mous auto s navigate the planet connected e s a “fool’s errand.” He said astatine Tesla’s “Autonomy Day” complete much complete t connected e n 2019 that “anyone property ing connected lidar connected e s do omed!”

“[They are] costly sensors that are unnecessary,” helium said astatine the clip . “It’s akin having a entire clump of costly appendices. Like, connected e appendix connected e s bad , fine nary w you personification a entire clump of them, connected e t’s free iculous, you ’ll seat .”

Of class , Musk beryllium broadside s said astatine that complete much complete t connected e n 2019 that Tesla would centrifugal boat a alert t of robotaxis connected e n conscionable connected e twelvemonth . That ne'er hap ed. I nstead, Musk connected e s still bargain connected e ng crutches.