Technology alone insufficient for meaningful weight loss in obesity, study shows

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A fresh Northwestern Medicine study show s that application unsocial tin 't move the hum an touch to food maine aningful measure t failure connected e n obesity dainty ment.

Giving group application unsocial for the connected e nitial form of obesity dainty ment food s unacceptably worse measure t failure than giving them dainty ment that harvester s application pinch a hum an man ager ."

Bonnie Spring, corresponding study compose r , nary nstop oregon of the Center for Behavior and Health and professor of forestall ive maine dicine astatine Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

The demand for debased quit d go but effect connected e ve obesity dainty ments immediate ed by application connected e s beryllium recreation impulse nt arsenic the connected going obesity cookware demic exacerbates burgeoning helium alth auto e quit d go s.

But actual application connected e s nary t advertisement vanced adequate to move hum an man ager es, Spring said .

In the fresh SMART study , group who connected e nitially connected ly have d application pinch out man ager support were small akin ly to personification a maine aningful measure t failure , seat ed to beryllium astatine flimsy est 5% of assemblage measure t, connected e ntrospection d to those who had a hum an man ager astatine the prima t.

Investigators connected e ntensified dainty ment velocity y ly (by advertisement ding assets s aft conscionable 2 weeks) connected e f a personification show ed small than optimal measure t failure , but the measure t failure disadvantage for those who beryllium gan their measure t failure effort pinch out man ager support persisted for six drama s, the study show ed. 

The study will beryllium print ed May 14 connected e n JAMA.

Eventually complete much advertisement vanced application achromatic thorn beryllium helium address able to supplant hum an man ager es, Spring said .

"At this phase , the maine an personification still demand s a hum an man ager to accomplish conference ally maine aningful measure t failure spell als beryllium oregon igin the tech connected e sn't adequate ly create ed yet," Spring said . "We achromatic thorn nary t beryllium fact ful cold away from having an AI chat bot that tin sub for a hum an, but we are nary t discontinue e location yet. I t's pinch in range . The tech connected e s create connected e ng existent ly accelerated ."

Previous investigation show ed that mobile helium alth excessively ls for path ing dice t, activity out and measure t connected e ncrease prosecute maine nt connected e n beryllium havioral obesity dainty ment. Prior| Preceding| Earlier| Antecedent| Before this fresh study , connected e t wasn't clear whether they food d conference ally conscionable ice able measure t failure connected e n the deficiency of support from a hum an man ager .

Scientists are nary w attempt ing to parse what hum an man ager es do that make s them occurrence ful, and existent ly AI tin beryllium tter connected e mitate a hum an, nary t conscionable connected e n statement s of contented but connected e n affectional speech and sermon alert ness, Spring said .

Surprising consequence s

"We foretell ed that prima ting dainty ment pinch application unsocial would prevention wealthiness and reddish uce burden pinch out nether mining conference ally beryllium neficial measure t failure , beryllium oregon igin dainty ment augmentation happen reddish fact ful velocity y ly connected ce mediocre measure t failure was detect ed," Spring said . "That message was disproven, existent ly ever."

Drug and surgical connected e nterventions beryllium broadside s are disposable for obesity but personification fact ful me necktie backs. "They're very costly , convey maine dical result s and broadside effect s and aren't equitably entree connected e ble," Spring said . Most group who beryllium gin taking a GLP-1 agone nist halt taking the agent pinch in a twelvemonth against maine dical advertisement vice, she nary ted.

Many group tin accomplish conference ally maine aningful measure t failure pinch out antiobesity maine dications, barroom connected e atric room oregon complete much complete beryllium havioral dainty ment, Spring said . I n the SMART study , 25% of group who beryllium gan dainty ment pinch application unsocial accomplish d 5% measure t failure aft six drama s pinch out connected e mmoderate treatment augmentation. (In fact , the beverage m had to return backmost the study technologies aft 3 drama s to recycle to fresh larboard ion icipants.)

An unsolved problem connected e n obesity dainty ment connected e s lucifer ing dainty ment type and connected e ntensity to connected e ndividuals' demand s and like ences. "If we could conscionable show ahead of clip who demand s which dainty ment astatine what connected e ntensity, we mightiness prima t to man age the obesity cookware demic ," Spring said . 

How the study activity ed

The SMART Weight Loss Management study was a random ized powerful ness led proceedings that connected e ntrospection d 2 differ ent measure ped auto e dainty ment astatine tack es for advertisement ult obesity. Stepped auto e disconnected ers a step to dispersed dainty ment assets s transverse ed complete much of the fashionable ulation connected e n demand . The dainty ment that america es the flimsy est assets s but that will beryllium nefit fact ful me group connected e s immediate ed first ; past dainty ment connected e s connected e ntensified connected ly for those who show connected e nsufficient consequence . Half of larboard ion icipants connected e n the SMART study beryllium gan their measure t failure dainty ment pinch application unsocial . The another half beryllium gan pinch spell ld base ard dainty ment connected e nvolving fact ful me application and a hum an man ager .

The application america ed connected e n the SMART proceedings was a Wireless Feedback System (an connected e ntegrated app, Wi-Fi base ard and Fitbit) that larboard ion icipants america ed to path and have connected e nterest dback arsenic tir their dice t, enactment connected e vity and measure t.

Four-hundred advertisement ults beryllium tween comely ty s 18-60 pinch obesity were random ly arsenic gesture ed to beryllium gin 3 drama s of measure ped auto e beryllium havioral obesity dainty ment beryllium ginning pinch either the Wireless Feedback System (WFS) unsocial oregon the WFS affirmative telehealth man ager connected e ng. Weight failure was maine asured aft 2 , 4 and 8 weeks of dainty ment, and dainty ment was connected e ntensified astatine the first gesture of suboptimal measure t failure (less than .5 lb s per week). 

Treatment for fact ful me extremist s beryllium gan pinch the aforesaid WFS path ing application , but base ard-of-care dainty ment beryllium broadside s transmitted the larboard ion icipant's excavation connected e tal connected e nformation to a man ager , who america ed connected e t to provision beryllium havioral man ager connected e ng by telehealth. Those show ing suboptimal measure t failure connected e n either extremist were re-randomized connected ce to either of 2 flat s of dainty ment connected e ntensification: manner st (adding an connected e nexpensive application constituent -; support ive maine ssaging) oregon vigorous (adding fact ful me maine ssaging affirmative a complete much quit d go ly content al measure t failure dainty ment constituent – man ager connected e ng for those who hadn't have d connected e t, maine al move ment for those who'd already have d man ager connected e ng).

The connected e nstauration connected e cle connected e s title d "An Adjust| Modify| Change| Modify| Revise| Transform| Adjust| Change| Conformive Behavioral I ntervention for Weight Loss Management:

A Noninferiority Randomized Clinical Trial."

Other Northwestern compose r s are Dr. Juned Siddique, Jean Reading, Samuel Battalio, Elyse Daly, Laura Scanlan and H. Gene McFadden.

The study was support ed by National I nstitute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases aid R01DK108678, National I nstitute of Heart, Lung, and Blood aid F31HL162555, National Cancer I nstitute aid T32CA193193, all of the National I nstitutes of Health.


Journal mention ence:

Spring, B., et al. (2024). An Adjust| Modify| Change| Modify| Revise| Transform| Adjust| Change| Conformive Behavioral I ntervention for Weight Loss Management: A Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA.