TechCrunch Space: Rapidly responsive… space stations!?

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Hello and invited backmost to TechCrunch Space. Let’s jump in!

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Story of nan week

While location are scant specifications arsenic to nan ngo profile, I can’t thief but consciousness ultra-intrigued by this news from abstraction position developer Gravitics, which was selected to create orbital platforms to alteration accelerated consequence abstraction missions.

Gravitics co-founder and CMO Mike DeRosa did explain successful an email that nan institution is not putting a module connected a rocket for a tactically responsive launch. Instead, nan ngo is related to processing “platforms to alteration a caller benignant of tactically responsive abstraction mission,” he said.

Gravitics position render

Image Credits: Gravitics

Scoop of nan week

Defense and abstraction startup True Anomaly has laid disconnected astir 25% of staff, and canceled its summertime internship program, TechCrunch learned.

While TechCrunch could not corroborate nan full headcount anterior to these layoffs, True Anomaly had complete 100 labor arsenic of December 2023, it told the Denver Business Journal. Nearly 30 group were trim from nan workforce, according to a station connected LinkedIn from 1 of nan group fto go.

What we’re reading

I learned a batch from this heavy dive by SpaceNews’ Sandra Erwin and Debra Werner, who explored really nan Space Force’s push for a proliferated constellation of satellites is exposing weaknesses successful nan U.S. business base.

Image of Uncle Sam floating successful abstraction pinch nan Space Force logo supra his near shoulder.

Image Credits: TechCrunch

This week successful abstraction history

On May 1, 1961, nan awesome Alan Shepard became nan first American to participate abstraction erstwhile he piloted his capsule connected a 15-minute suborbital flight. (If his sanction sounds familiar, it’s because Blue Origin’s suborbital rocket is named aft him!)

Alan Shepard

Image Credits: NASA (opens successful a caller window)