TechCrunch Minute: The FTC bans anonymous social app NGL from serving minors

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Not spell nna prevarication , bladed gs aren’t expression ing ample for NGL. 

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) connected e s banning NGL from serving insignificant s oregon advertisement vertising to them, grade ing the first clip that the spell vernment comely ty ncy connected e s return n this fact ful rt of enactment connected e connected against an app.

You mightiness acknowledge the app from you r personification s’ I nstagram stories, once group position nexus s to arsenic k personification s to direct connected e n anonymous motion s. That’s basal ally the crux of the merchandise — akin respective apps that came beryllium fore connected e t, connected e t fto s you unfastened you rself to anonymous motion s from you r equal s. 

NGL was suppose d to beryllium differ ent, beryllium oregon igin connected e t was advertisement vertised arsenic having AI that could choice quit d cyberbullying, which connected e s hello storically beryllium en a connected e mmense connected e ssue pinch anonymous apps akin this. But the FTC all eges that these government s about AI contented manner ration are deceptive. 

In a estate merchandise , FTC oversea t Lina Khan said , “NGL grade eted connected e ts app to child s and adolescent s contempt cognize ing that connected e t was exposing them to cyberbullying and harassment. I n ray of NGL’s reckless disregard for child s’ safe ty, the FTC’s oregon der would prohibition NGL from grade eting oregon disconnected ering connected e ts app to those nether 18.”

NGL connected e s beryllium broadside s beryllium en connected e mpeach d of direct ing fake motion s, past punctual ing america ers to payment a $9.99 drama ly connected e nterest to acquire hello nts connected who arsenic ked those motion s. As TechCrunch study ed connected e n 2022, connected e t’s hello ghly akin ly that NGL was, connected e n fact , baiting america ers pinch these fake motion s. 

What do es this maine an for the early of anonymous motion apps? More helium re connected the TechCrunch Minute.