TechCrunch Minute: Sam Bankman-Fried’s sentencing marks an end to the FTX saga

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After a lengthy proceedings and conviction, we yet learned really agelong erstwhile crypto baron Sam Bankman-Fried will beryllium down bars: up to 25 years. It’s a lengthy sentence, but 1 that given nan standard of nan crimes he was convicted of, doesn’t travel arsenic a shock.

For nan crypto industry, it’s besides nan last page successful a section that galore whitethorn want firmly down them. After all, we’re retired of nan past crypto wintertime and are backmost successful a play of rising token prices, increasing trading volume, and hints of nan anterior excitement that web3 commanded during nan past plus bubble.

Still, earlier we afloat wrap up our sum of SBF and his erstwhile empire, it’s worthy taking 1 past travel down representation lane to cement successful our minds really we coiled up pinch a erstwhile task and governmental darling not successful nan dock, but down bars.