TechCrunch Minute: OpenAI’s media deal rush continues with FT deal

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OpenAI has landed a caller contented woody pinch nan FT. But alternatively of being a simply elemental woody successful which OpenAI gets words, and FT gets money, nan 2 are teaming up a spot much deeply. Look to spot links successful ChaptGPT successful nan future.

But nan FT-OpenAI tie-up tells america a spot much than that 1 media institution will soon person a fewer much duckets successful its pockets. No, it’s yet different OpenAI woody that will spot nan Microsoft-backed AI shop further cement its expertise to ingest training worldly without ineligible risk, and commencement to salary immoderate of nan providers of said worldly for their work.

All good, right? In a sense, but there’s a interest that arsenic immoderate AI companies activity to commencement paying for training data after they consumed oceans of it, they could upwind up pulling nan training ladders up down them. If that happens different AI companies that mightiness want to travel successful their footsteps could find nan aforesaid way that nan OpenAIs of nan world already hiked steeper, and much expensive.

It’s a weird and irksome business successful which you want to spot adjacent costs for materials used, but besides guarantee that we don’t manus nan early of AI to a bunch of already able companies. That would conscionable cement oligopoly. And, of course, media companies that are spending each their money and much to study and constitute request adjacent comp. Those are nan stakes. Let’s talk astir it!