TechCrunch Minute: Elon Musk’s big plans for xAI include raising $6 billion

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TechCrunch precocious collapsed nan news that Elon Musk’s xAI is raising $6 billion astatine a pre-money valuation of $18 billion.

The woody hasn’t closed yet, truthful nan numbers could change. But it sounds for illustration Musk is making an eager transportation to investors astir his 10-month-old startup — a rival to OpenAI, which he besides co-founded and is currently suing for allegedly abandoning its first committedness to attraction connected nan bully of humanity complete profit.

You whitethorn beryllium wondering: Doesn’t Musk person capable companies already? There’s Tesla, SpaceX, X (formerly Twitter), Neuralink, The Boring Company … possibly he should walk his clip connected nan existing businesses that person struggles of their own.

But successful nan xAI pitch, Musk’s relationship to these different companies is simply a feature, not a bug. xAI could get entree to important training information from crossed his empire — and its exertion could, successful turn, thief Tesla execute its dream of existent self-driving cars and bring its humanoid Optimus robot into factories.

Of course, Musk’s hype doesn’t ever match up to reality. But pinch this awesome caller funding, xAI could go an moreover much formidable competitor successful nan AI world. Hit play, past time off your thoughts below!