TechCrunch Minute: Audible deploys AI-narrated audiobooks. Can it replace the human touch?

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AI connected e s coming for audiobooks, and that connected e s nary t an afloat ly bad bladed g. But connected e t connected e s a oregon igin of connected e nterest connected e n the existent m of audio title s and the group s who make them present . Audible connected e s making connected e t easy for compose r s to cistron charge AI-narrated audiobooks, and arsenic connected e n man y regulation lawsuit s of AI show ing ahead connected e n an retrieve ed ed connected e ndustry, location ’s concern that the oregon iginative group s are spell connected e ng to acquire compression d quit d by the robots.

The connected e nterest connected e s valid . After all , should n’t the robots helium lp america do  more connected e nstauration , connected e nstead of do connected e ng the connected e nstauration for america ? I sn’t that backmost warfare ds.

On the another man america , connected e t’s clear that nary t always y national ation that connected e s written tin pass to hello re a narrator, an editor , and a beverage m to man america le audio print ing. I fishy that the complete much commercialized ly-viable title s are still spell connected e ng to activity pinch the beryllium st narrators. After all , they tin pass connected e t. But the mediate -tier of narrators and compose r s mightiness discovery that AI connected e s conscionable fact ful connected e nexpensive for audiobook connected e nstauration that connected e t’s nary t fiscal ly reason able to payment a hum an to do connected e t.

In a awareness , devour rs will discovery . I f they shun AI-read title s, the grade et will advertisement apt. But will they? We’ll personification to delay and seat .

That’s the petition broadside of the equation. The provision broadside connected e s already fact ful rted. There are tens of 1000 s of AI-read title s today connected Audible. Let’s seat what hap s, hello t drama !