TechCrunch Minute: AT&T data breach prompts millions of passcodes to be reset

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Death, taxes, and regular, terrifying cybersecurity leaks. Those are nan facts of life, as nan latest AT&T information breach is school america yet again. A TechCrunch investigation into leaked customer information from nan American telco elephantine has led to AT&T resetting definite customer relationship passcodes to forestall them from being astatine risk.

The guidelines of nan information weakness is simply a massive, and AT&T’s information breach included a leaked dataset concerning much than seventy cardinal erstwhile and existent AT&T relationship holders. Only a fraction are still current, but nan standard of nan leaked dataset that TechCrunch dug into makes it plain that contempt immense amounts of activity and investment, location are still regular, exploitable, and vulnerable for consumers.

While it’s awesome to doff our headdress astatine TechCrunch’s ace squad of cybersecurity journalists — nan doomer desk, if you will — it would beryllium amended if they had a spot little to study on, alternatively of nan firehose of hacks, leaks, and compromises they uncover and constitute astir daily. Hit play, let’s talk astir it.