TechCrunch Early Stage 2024 Women’s Breakfast: Exploring AI’s impact on founders

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In nan world of tech, invention knows nary bounds. And astatine nan forefront of this ever-evolving landscape, AI stands tall, casting its transformative spell connected everything it touches. But amid nan buzz, 1 important mobility emerges: How is AI shaping nan travel of founders?

TechCrunch’s Early Stage convention is group to delve heavy into this inquiry, and we’re thrilled to denote a typical Women’s Breakfast arena connected April 25 successful Boston. This exclusive gathering will attraction connected exploring nan intricate ways successful which AI is reshaping nan entrepreneurial way for women successful tech.

Women successful Tech Sunrise Breakfast: How AI is impacting founders

AI is not conscionable a tool; it’s a paradigm shift, redefining nan rules of engagement successful nan startup realm. From revolutionizing merchandise improvement to influencing investor sentiment, AI’s effect is profound and far-reaching. Our distinguished panelists will navigate these waters, offering insights, strategies, and individual anecdotes from their travel arsenic trailblazing founders.

Meet our esteemed panelists:

  • Lily Lyman: Partner, Underscore VC
  • Rudina Seseri: Co-founder and managing partner, Glasswing Ventures
  • Milo Werner: General partner, Engine Ventures

Together they’ll unravel nan mysteries of AI adoption, nan challenges it poses, and nan opportunities it unlocks for visionary entrepreneurs. This is not conscionable a discussion; it’s a roadmap for navigating nan AI-driven early of entrepreneurship.

TechCrunch Early Stage 2024 promises to beryllium a landmark event, and nan Women’s Breakfast is your gateway to unlocking nan afloat imaginable of AI successful your entrepreneurial journey. All women tin subordinate america connected April 25 for a greeting of inspiration, empowerment, and actionable insights by purchasing your summons today. See you there!

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