Deskripsi Produk

TAILI Food Vacuum Bag

1. Material: PE food grade membran
2. Color: Transparent
3. Product: Vacuum Zipper Bag

Package included:
30x28cm(2 PCS)
23x28cm(2 PCS)
21X28cm(6 PCS)
Come with 1 Hand Pump

1.Reusable and Resealable for Frequently Used Food Items. Use these handy bags to pack lunch for yourself and your familiy or just to keep snacks and sandwiches accessible and fresh.
2. BPA free and food-safe .Our food vacuum bags are made up of a food-safe material that is 100% BPA free. It is also safe to simmer or microwave these bags - thus making these perfect choice for preserving, reheating, or even cooking some food items.
3.Keep the food fresh to longer. It's great for anything from meats in the freezer, cheese in the fridge, to brown sugar on the counter. It keeps brown sugar soft for years, which is really nice.
4. Application: meat, food, vegetables, fruits, rice, beans, flour, nuts, dry foods, candy, biscuit, coin, collectibles, electronic products, tools, tea, medicines, cosmetics etc.
with. Hand PumpTAILI Food Vacuum Bagwith. Hand Pump