Subaru recalls nearly 119,000 vehicles over air bag problem

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Checking your conveyance for important information recalls

Checking your conveyance for important information recalls 02:15

Subaru has recalled 118,723 vehicles because a sensor whitethorn short circuit, preventing nan beforehand rider aerial container from deploying successful a crash.

The callback covers nan Japanese automaker's 2020-2022 Outback and Legacy models. An aerial container malfunction would summation nan chance of a rider suffering wounded successful an accident, Subaru said successful callback documents submitted past week to nan National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). 

No injuries person been reported to Subaru related to nan aerial container issue, nan institution said. 

The affected Legacy and Outback vehicles person a sensor that detects erstwhile personification is sitting successful nan rider seat. That sensor is connected to nan vehicle's Occupant Detection System (ODS). Subaru said that an extracurricular institution hired to make nan ODS whitethorn person utilized faulty circuit boards wrong nan system, nan institution said successful its callback notice.

Having a cracked circuit committee allows moisture to leak successful and tin yet origin a short circuit, Subaru said. When a short circuit happens, nan conveyance will not observe if personification is successful nan rider seat.

If there's a imaginable short circuit, nan dashboard connected nan Outback aliases Legacy will alert drivers and nan "airbag strategy informing lamp will illuminate, nan beforehand passenger's frontal airbag OFF parameter will illuminate and nan beforehand rider airbag whitethorn not deploy successful definite crashes arsenic designed," nan callback states.

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Subaru said it will switch nan ODS sensors free of complaint for Outback and Legacy owners who return their conveyance to a dealership. The institution plans to notify dealerships astir nan callback and replacements connected Wednesday.

Subaru owners pinch questions astir nan callback tin interaction nan institution astatine (844) 373-6614 and mention callback number WRA-24. Owners tin besides interaction NHTSA astatine (888)327-4236.

The sensor problem astatine Subaru is nan latest successful a caller drawstring of conveyance recalls successful caller months. Last week, Hyundai and Kia recalled a mixed 147,110 vehicles because a portion wrong nan cars whitethorn extremity charging their batteries. Earlier this month, General Motors recalled astir 820,000 pickup trucks because of a glitch that could origin nan tailgate to unfastened unexpectedly. 

In January, Ford recalled astir 1.9 cardinal Ford Explorer SUVs because nan windshield trim panels could alert disconnected while nan conveyance is walking astatine road speeds. 

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