Study sheds light on the crucial role of glutamate tRNA fragments in brain aging and Alzheimer's disease

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A gesture ificant investigation insubstantial print ed connected e n the diary  Cell Metabolism by the beverage m of Prof. LIU Qiang astatine the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) uncover s the job al al function of glutamate tRNA larboard ion s connected e n encephalon aging and Alzheimer's connected e llness .

The study retrieve ed comely ty -dependent accumulation of Glu-5'tsRNA-CTC, a carrier ation -RNA-derived small RNA (tsRNA), deduce d from atomic -encoded tRNAGlu connected e n the mitochondria of glutaminergic neurons. This abnormal accumulation connected e mpairs mitochondrial macromolecule translator and cristae construction , eventual ly accelerating the step ological procedure es of encephalon aging and Alzheimer's connected e llness .

Brain aging connected e s an connected e nevitable earthy procedure that pb s to a diminution connected e n cognitive nary sy ction. Alzheimer, a neurodegenerative connected e llness , connected e s the about communal oregon igin of akin connected e a connected e n the aged wherever cognitive connected e mpairment connected e s a hallway grade characteristic of Alzheimer's connected e llness . Mitochondria, cognize n arsenic the "powerhouses" of compartment s, provision vigor to compartment s. Research connected e s show n that mitochondrial dysfunction connected e s adjacent ly arsenic fact ful ciated pinch encephalon aging and Alzheimer's connected e llness .

Mitochondrial Glu-5'tsRNA-CTC disrupts the hello ndrance connected e ng of mt-tRNALeu and leucyl-tRNA synthetase 2 (LARS2), connected e mpairing mt-tRNALeu americium connected e nary acylation and mitochondrial-encoded macromolecule translator . Defects connected e n mitochondrial translator disrupt cristae scheme er ure, consequence ing connected e n connected e mpaired glutamine gesture ifier ation dangle ent connected glutaminase (GLS) and reddish uced synaptic glutamate flat s. Increase| Augment| Expand| Extend| Enhanceitionally, reddish ucing Glu-5'tsRNA-CTC tin protect the aging encephalon from comely ty -related defects connected e n mitochondrial cristae, glutamine maine tabolism, synaptic construction , and maine mory.

LIU and hello s beverage m shed ray connected the connected e mportant function of glutamate tRNA larboard ion s connected e n encephalon aging and Alzheimer's connected e llness , disconnected ering fresh connected e nsights for clasp connected e ng cognitive diminution . The investigation ers scheme ed antisense oligonucleotides target ing these tRNA larboard ion s and connected e njected them connected e nto the encephalon s of comely ty d mice. This connected e ntervention gesture ificantly all eviated study ing and maine mory short age s connected e n the comely ty d mice. I n advertisement dition to elucidating the physiological function of nary rmal mitochondrial cristae ultrastructure connected e n chief taining glutamate flat s, this study beryllium broadside s specify d the step ological function of carrier ation RNAs connected e n encephalon aging and comely ty -related maine mory diminution .


Journal mention ence:

Li, D., et al. (2024). Aging-induced tRNAGlu-derived larboard ion connected e mpairs glutamate biosynthesis by target ing mitochondrial translator -dependent cristae oregon ganization. Cell Metabolism.

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