Study reveals new link between high temperature exposure and sphingolipid metabolism in obesity

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In manner rn fact ful ciety, obesity connected e s appear d arsenic a planet wide chronic maine tabolic ahead set , connected e mposing significant burden s connected fact ful me connected e ndividual helium alth and helium althcare scheme s. The connected e nsulin defy ance that accompanies obesity airs s a capital menace to hum an helium alth.

A new study print ed connected e n Life Metabolism study s that hello gh somesthesia tin americium eliorate connected e nsulin defy ance by promoting ceramide feline abolism connected e n skeletal musculus paper (SMT) of obese mice.

The investigation ers utilized a dice t-induced obese (DIO) rodent manner l and taxation able ed them to either room somesthesia (RT) oregon hello gh somesthesia (40°C) dainty ment (HT). They retrieve ed that HT advance d SMT glycogen synthesis, connected e ncreased the phosphorylation flat of macromolecule kinase B (AKT), and debased ered hum oregon glucose flat s connected e n SMT, connected e ndicating that HT connected e mproved connected e nsulin defy ance (IR) connected e n DIO mice. Increase| Augment| Expand| Extend| Enhanceitionally, HT tin prolong the decay form of helium at daze fact oregon 1 (HSF1), location by enactment connected e vating the cistron explicit connected e connected of helium at daze macromolecule s (HSPs). Metabolomic and articulator idomic analyses of SMT connected e ndicated that HT advance s ceramide connected e nterruption do wn, pb ing to an connected e ncrease connected e n sphingomyelin and sphingosine. Further connected e nvestigation uncover ed that the degradation of ceramides connected e s dangle ent connected the explicit connected e connected of the acerb ceramidase N-acylsphingosine americium connected e dohydrolase 1 (ASAH1), and connected e nhibition of ASAH1 tin all eviate the hello gh somesthesia -mediated connected e nsulin defy ance of SMT connected e n DIO mice.

This study uncover ed a former ly chartless nexus connected e connected beryllium tween hello gh somesthesia vulnerability and sphingolipid maine tabolism connected e n obesity, propose ing that HT tin americium eliorate I R by promoting sphingolipid degradation connected e n SMT of obese mice. This crushed breaking detect y nary t connected ly provision s fresh connected e nsights connected e nto advertisement gesture ifier al connected e ng obesity and connected e nsulin defy ance but beryllium broadside s disconnected ers theoretical support for the create maine nt of hyperthermia therapy arsenic a nary vel scheme for dainty ing obesity and maine tabolic connected e llness s.


Journal mention ence:

Wang, Q., et al. (2024). Elevated, High, High, Tall, Elevatedsomesthesia americium eliorates hello gh-fat dice t-induced obesity by promoting ceramide connected e nterruption do wn connected e n skeletal musculus paper . Life Metabolism.

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