Study reveals high levels of antibiotic resistance in meat sold for consumption

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New investigation presented astatine nan ESCMID Global Congress (formerly ECCMID) successful Barcelona, Spain (27-30 April) has recovered important levels of guidance to critically important antibiotics successful nutrient sold for quality and animal consumption. The study is by Dr Jordan Sealey, Professor Matthew Avison and colleagues from nan University of Bristol, UK.

Meat sold for depletion by humans and companion animals successful nan UK is regulated by nan UK Government Food Standards Agency (FSA) to guarantee it falls wrong bacterial limits deemed safe. However, while nutrient is tested for nan types and amounts of pathogens present, it is not tested for resistant opportunistic pathogens (e.g. Escherichia coli).

Multiple studies person shown a beardown relation betwixt feeding dogs a fare of uncooked nutrient (raw canine food) and an accrued consequence of excreting E. coli resistant to critically important antibiotics successful their faeces. It is imaginable that pet animals eating earthy nutrient increases nan consequence of spreading resistant pathogens to their quality owners successful nan household. Here, nan authors investigated 58 samples of uncooked nutrient (15 each of beef, chicken, lamb and 13 of pork) sold for quality depletion aft cooking (MHC) and 15 samples of chicken-based earthy canine nutrient (RDM) for resistant E. coli. 

Samples were enriched and plated onto agar containing communal antibiotics - amoxicillin, amoxicillin-clavulanate, cefotaxime, ciprofloxacin, spectinomycin and streptomycin, of which immoderate are considered critically important for quality health, to trial for resistant E. coli.

The squad recovered nan highest sample-level positivity complaint for resistant E. coli in uncooked nutrient for quality depletion was successful chickenhearted - 100% of samples were affirmative for guidance to spectinomycin and streptomycin, and 47% of samples affirmative for resistant to critically important fluoroquinolones. For lamb, pork and beef nan values were 27%, 38% and 27% for spectinomycin, 40%, 38% and 47% for streptomycin and 7%, 8% and 13% for fluoroquinolones, respectively.

Similar levels of guidance were seen successful chickenhearted earthy canine nutrient samples arsenic seen successful chickenhearted meat; 87% affirmative for spectinomycin and streptomycin resistance, and 47% for fluoroquinolones. Sample level positivity for guidance to critically important cefotaxime was 27% for earthy canine food. The authors say: "While astir group cognize that if they don't usage due hygiene erstwhile handling uncooked nutrient they tin prime up 'food poisoning', astir group are not alert that you tin besides prime up antibiotic-resistant opportunistic pathogens. Owners who provender their dogs earthy canine nutrient possibly don't recognize this uncooked nutrient besides contains these pathogens and possibly don't usage due hygiene aft preparing nan meat, and don't see their canine arsenic a imaginable root of these pathogens if it is earthy fed."

The astir communal STs successful earthy canine nutrient were ST10, ST162, ST744 – successful nan authors' erstwhile study connected fluoroquinolone guidance successful dogs, excretion of these STs was recovered to beryllium powerfully associated pinch dogs being fed a earthy nutrient diet.

The authors conclude: "This study confirms that uncooked nutrient carries aggregate resistant E. coli, commonly including guidance to critically important antibiotics important for quality health. If ingested, these germs tin participate nan gut, and whitethorn origin resistant opportunistic infections (e.g. urinary tract infections) successful nan future. It is truthful very important that group navigator nutrient thoroughly earlier eating, and usage due hygiene practices during nutrient preparation. Our findings that earthy canine nutrient is likewise contaminated pinch resistant germs provides an mentation for why dogs fed earthy nutrient are much apt to excrete these bacteria. Appropriate hygiene practices aft handling earthy canine food, and dogs that are fed specified earthy meat, are powerfully advised."