Study reveals disparities in palliative care for people with opioid use disorder

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Compared pinch group without opioid usage disorder, those pinch opioid usage upset were little apt to person palliative attraction successful clinics and successful their homes, and were dying astatine younger ages of causes different than opioid use, according to caller investigation published successful CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal)

The mostly of conversations astir nan opioid situation attraction connected nan precocious number of opioid toxicity deaths. The unfortunate reality is that group pinch opioid usage upset are dying young from different causes arsenic well. If we tin amended our knowing of this organization and nan wellness attraction that they person astatine nan extremity of their lives, we tin place opportunities to intervene and amended their value of life."

Dr. Jenny Lau, author, aesculapian head of nan Harold and Shirley Lederman Palliative Care Centre astatine Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, University Health Network, Toronto, Ontario

With nan ongoing opioid crisis, nan number of group pinch opioid usage upset is increasing. Opioid usage upset tin beryllium a chronic, life-limiting unwellness causing important impairment and distress. As nan organization pinch opioid usage upset ages, much group will request entree to palliative attraction astatine nan extremity of their lives. This study describes nan characteristics of group pinch opioid usage upset astatine nan extremity of their lives and examines whether they person palliative care.

In this ample study that included accusation from ICES connected 679 840 deaths, 11 200 of nan deceased (1.6%) had opioid usage disorder. People pinch opioid usage upset died astatine younger ages than those without opioid usage upset (50 yr v. 78 yr) and were much apt to unrecorded successful marginalized neighbourhoods. Compared pinch group without opioid usage disorder, group pinch opioid usage upset were 16% little apt to person palliative care. This uncovering is astir apt related to nan precocious number of group pinch opioid usage upset who dice abruptly from supplier poisonings. The astir communal reasons why physicians provided palliative attraction for group pinch opioid usage upset were cancer, liver cirrhosis, and sepsis.

"Although astir group successful Canada want to dice astatine home, group pinch opioid usage upset tin person constricted societal supports, constricted finances and unstable housing, which whitethorn lead to challenges accessing palliative attraction successful nan organization and challenges for wellness attraction providers to present this care," says coauthor Dr. Sarina Isenberg, chair successful mixed methods palliative attraction investigation astatine Bruyère Research Institute, and adjunct scientist, ICES, Ottawa, Ontario. "Our findings item nan value of wellness attraction providers receiving training successful some palliative attraction and addictions medicine to amended support patients pinch opioid usage upset arsenic they adjacent nan extremity of life."


Journal reference:

Lau, J., et al. (2024) Association betwixt opioid usage upset and palliative care: a cohort study utilizing linked wellness administrative information successful Ontario, Canada. CMAJ.


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