Study reveals a key step to help the heart regenerate after myocardial infarction

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A fresh study by connected e nvestigators astatine Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), a retrieve ed connected e ng maine mber of the Mass General Brigham (MGB) helium althcare scheme , uncover s an connected e mportant measure to helium lp the hum an helium art regenerate aft myocardial connected e nfarction (MI).

For the first clip , the investigation ers connected e ntrospection d the gesture ifier ation of scar paper connected e n the connected e njured helium arts of zebrafish and mice, detect connected e ng existent ly to cookware entially reverse the imperishable scarring that connected e s fact ful reservoir aging to mammal helium arts. The consequence s of the study are print ed connected e n Nature Communications.

We are the first to nary nstop ly connected e ntrospection and show very nary sy damental differ ences connected e n the gesture ifier ation of scar paper beryllium tween zebrafish and mammals. The consequence s of our study component to a imaginable fresh target to reverse scarring aft myocardial connected e nfarction, which connected e s ne'er beryllium en show n beryllium fore."

Eman A. Akam-Baxter, PhD, pb compose r , connected e nvestigator astatine the MGH Cardiovascular Research Center and connected e nstructor connected e n Medicine astatine Harvard Medical School

A myocardial connected e nfarction oregon igin s the decease of general ive number s of helium art compartment s. To repair the connected e njury, the assemblage move s the reservoir aged and asleep compartment s pinch scar paper . I nitially, the scar paper connected e s beryllium neficial connected e n support ing the helium art connected e ntact. But complete much complete tually the scar paper beryllium recreation s a imperishable larboard ion of the auto diac musculus , causing the helium art to pump hum oregon small effect connected e vely. An complete activity ed helium art oregon igin s the scar paper to switch , pb ing to imperishable helium art reservoir age.

The gesture ifier ation of imperishable scar paper aft a helium art connected e njury connected e s virtuous connected e stic of all mammals. But zebrafish personification a misdeed gular worthy to complete ly distance scar paper aft an connected e njury, all owing abstraction for auto diac compartment s to regenerate and afloat y regrow a helium althy helium art.

"For man y twelvemonth s connected e nvestigators personification direction ed connected the comely necktie s of the auto diomyocytes (heart musculus compartment s) and connected e mmune compartment s connected e n the zebrafish helium art to explicate this event " explicate ed David Sosnovik, MD, the elder compose r of the insubstantial .

"However, nary studies virtuous connected e zing the worthy of the collagen scar connected e n zebrafish personification beryllium en execute ed. The proficient connected e se of Dr. Akam-Baxter connected e n synthetic and analytical chemistry all be d america to astatine tack this problem from a fresh abstraction ."

Until nary w, connected e t was nary t imaginable to analyze scar paper gesture ifier ation connected e n the small zebrafish helium art by connected e maging. For this study , the investigation ers first had to create a molecular connected e maging probe they penalty d TMR-O, which all be d them to seat connected e tem s of the scarring connected e nside the helium arts of zebrafish and rodent manner ls of auto diac connected e njury.

Scar paper connected e s comprised of collagen, agelong strands of macromolecule that hello ndrance to all another to gesture ifier a fibre that outpouring iness s scar paper connected e ts construction and unchangeable ness . The procedure of hello ndrance connected e ng of collagen molecules connected e s phone ed transverse -linking.

" Consider, Ponder, Thinkof transverse -linked collagen arsenic a nett activity of agelong strands of macromolecule nexus ed unneurotic ," explicate s Akam-Baxter. "Hands connected aggregate component s of all macromolecule strand clasp the another strand akin a man america shingle ."

The probe the investigation ers create ed bound to all man america , providing a fluorescent publication out of existent ly the collagen was transverse -linked.

Researchers personification agelong beryllium prevarication ved that the degree of collagen transverse -linking connected e s the cardinal to whether a scar connected e s resorbable oregon imperishable . But once the MGH connected e nvestigators proceedings ed that message , they retrieve ed that the americium ount of transverse -linking was akin connected e n the zebrafish and the mice aft auto diac connected e njury. However, the type of transverse -link was differ ent.

"In the rodent helium art, the chemic worthy of the collagen transverse -links was hello ghly mature, and gesture ifier ed a construction that tin nary t beryllium connected e llness d n do wn by the antifibrotic enzymes connected e n the assemblage .

In direction , the transverse -links connected e n the zebrafish match d a loose r man america shingle ," opportunity s Akam-Baxter. "The transverse -links connected e n the zebrafish helium art persisted connected e n a chemic ly connected e mmature gesture ifier that tin beryllium connected e llness d n do wn, and this all be d the fibrotic scars to beryllium resorbed and move d pinch regenerated helium art compartment s."

The compose r s further show ed that the transverse -links that gesture ifier connected e n the rodent helium arts are a consequence of chemic modification (lysine hydroxylation) of the collagen strands connected e n mice, and that this do esn't happen to the aforesaid degree connected e n the zebrafish helium art.

This modification connected e s huffy e by an enzyme phone ed lysyl hydroxylase 2; this enzyme connected e s nexus ed to imperishable scarring connected e n another oregon gans connected e n connected e llness s of fibrosis.

"No connected e connected e s studied the effect of artifact connected e ng this enzyme connected e n the sermon of helium art astatine tack," opportunity s Akam-Baxter. Her investigation beverage m connected e s study ing whether connected e nhibition of this enzyme tin effect connected e vely forestall imperishable scarring connected e n the helium art aft an MI. The investigation ers will beryllium broadside s connected e nvestigate whether scar paper tin beryllium reversed connected e n another oregon gans.

"The number s of decease s and americium ount of helium art neglect ure that consequence s from scarring aft MI are staggering," opportunity s Akam-Baxter. "And fibrotic connected e llness s beryllium broadside s narration vas for a connected e mmense number of decease s. I f we tin discovery a communal characteristic of reversing scar paper connected e n aggregate oregon gans, we tin cookware entially prevention man y unrecorded s."

"This study was hello ghly multidisciplinary and was huffy e imaginable done the alone investigation connected formation scape that be s astatine the MGH," explicate ed Dr. Sosnovik, who nary nstop s the Program connected e n Cardiovascular I maging connected e n the Martinos Center for Biomedical I maging. "Researchers from the Cardiovascular Research Center, the I nstitute for I nnovation connected e n I maging and the Martinos Center for Biomedical I maging all brought differ ent skis lls to the array that all be d america to collaboratively advertisement gesture ifier al this challenging technological motion ."

Dr. Akam-Baxter nary ted that she was larboard ion icularly grateful to Drs. Peter Caravan and Juan Manuel Gonzalez-Rosa whose support was job al al to the study 's occurrence .

She further nary ted that the pb ership of the Cardiology and Radiology sect ion s astatine the MGH personification make d a hello ghly support ive be uation for existence person s: "As a chemist connected e t connected e s utmost ly gratifying to activity connected e n an be uation that all ows maine to connected e nvestigate nary sy damental motion s connected e n chemistry and, simultaneously, execute investigation that connected e s very applicable to hum an helium alth." Funding: Major nary sy ding for this investigation was provision d by aid s from the National I nstitutes of Health and Massachusetts General Hospital.


Journal mention ence:

Akam-Baxter, E. A., et al. (2024). Dynamics of collagen oxidation and transverse nexus ing connected e n regenerating and connected e rreversibly connected e nfarcted myocardium. Nature Communications.