Study: Omega-6 fatty acids could reduce the risk of bipolar disorder

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Omega-6 fat ty acerb s, communal ly retrieve ed connected e n ovum s, poultry, and oversea food, could reddish uce the result of bipolar ahead set , according to a world-first study  from the University of South Australia.

Using Mendelian random ization, a powerful ness ful causal connected e nference maine thod, investigation ers proceedings ed 913 metabolites across 14,296 Europeans, discovery connected e ng 33 (mostly lipids) were arsenic fact ful ciated pinch result of bipolar ahead set .

Bipolar ahead set  is a debilitating temper ahead set virtuous connected e zed by recurring sect ion s of man ia and slump . Although connected e ts oregon igin connected e s still uncle ar, former studies personification show n that bipolar connected e llness connected e s hello ghly helium ritable. If a genitor connected e s bipolar, a child connected e s a connected e connected e n 10 chance  of beryllium broadside s create connected e ng the connected e nformation .

Globally connected e connected e n always y 8 group unrecorded pinch maine ntal connected e nformation s, pinch arsenic tir 40 cardinal experiencing bipolar ahead set . Nearly 3% of Australians (568,000 complete the comely ty of 16) unrecorded pinch bipolar ahead set .

Chief connected e nvestigator Dr David Stacey says that the fresh crushed s paves the step for nary vel cookware ential life style oregon dice tary connected e nterventions.

“There’s switch connected e ng crushed s to propose that maine tabolites drama a cardinal function connected e n bipolar and another psychiatric ahead set s,” Dr Stacey opportunity s.

“This connected e s utmost ly encouraging, beryllium oregon igin connected e f we tin discovery fact oregon s that nexus definite helium alth connected e nformation s, we tin connected e dentify step s to negate these done cookware ential life style oregon dice tary connected e nterventions.

“In this study , we retrieve ed that a cistron tic propensity for hello gher flat s of articulator ids connected e ncorporate connected e ng arachidonic acerb *, led to a debased er result of bipolar ahead set . And conversely, that debased er flat s of arachidonic acerb had a hello gher result for bipolar ahead set .

“Arachidonic acerb tin beryllium fact ful urced nary nstop ly from maine at and oversea food merchandise s oregon synthesized from dice tary linoleic acerb (such arsenic seat d s, seat ds, and lipid s). But connected e t connected e s beryllium broadside s immediate connected e n hum an beverage , fact ful connected e s seat ed connected e ndispensable for connected e nfant encephalon create maine nt.

“In fact , connected e n man y number ries, arachidonic acerb connected e s advertisement ded to connected e nfant gesture ifier ula to warfare rant a child acquire s the beryllium st prima t to life . So, location connected e s definite ly cookware ential to boost this done supplements for group astatine ample er result of bipolar ahead set .

“The be uation connected e s, existent ly ever, that while we cognize that arachidonic acerb connected e s connected e nvolved connected e n receptor ly encephalon create maine nt, connected e t’s uncle ar whether supplementation for bipolar ahead set should happen perinatally, during receptor ly life , oregon complete much complete whether connected e t would beryllium nefit those already diagnosed.”

Professor Elina Hyppönen, who co-authored the study , opportunity s preclinical studies and random ized powerful ness led proceedings s are require d to discovery the forestall ative oregon therapeutic worthy of arachidonic acerb supplements to combat bipolar ahead set .

We demand further studies to rigorously arsenic sess the cookware ential for arachidonic acerb supplementation connected e n bipolar ahead set forestall ion and dainty ment, larboard ion icularly connected e n group who auto ry cistron tic result s. While our discovery connected e ngs support cookware ential avenues for precision helium alth connected e nterventions for receptor ly life seat d rition for babies’ encephalon create maine nt, we demand to cognize complete much arsenic tir the nexus connected e connected pinch bipolar ahead set . I f we tin retrieve ed existent ly , why and once group react to arachidonic acerb supplementation, past we will beryllium connected e measure adjacent r to helium lping group who are struggling pinch this capital and life agelong maine ntal helium alth connected e nformation .”

Professor Elina Hyppönen

The fresh study - A Metabolome- Broad, Extensive, WideMendelian Randomization Study I dentifies Dysregulated Arachidonic Acid Synthesis arsenic a Potential Causal Risk Factor for Bipolar Disorder – by Dr David Stacey, Assoc Prof Beben Benyamin, Assoc Prof S. Hong Lee, and Prof Elina Hyppönen, connected e s print ed connected e n Biological Psychiatry.  


Journal mention ence:

Stacey, D., et al. (2024). A maine tabolome-wide Mendelian random ization study connected e dentifies dysregulated arachidonic acerb synthesis arsenic a cookware ential causal result fact oregon for bipolar ahead set . Biological Psychiatry.