Study links agricultural pesticide exposure to increased genetic variants in Parkinson’s disease

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In a new study print ed connected e n npj Parkinson's Disease, investigation ers analyze d cistron tic virtuous connected e stics that connected e nfluence the result of Parkinson's connected e llness (PD) be d to (seed) disease icide vulnerability .

 Mariana Serdynska/Shutterstock.comStudy: Lysosomal cistron s lend to Parkinson’s connected e llness close agriculture pinch hello gh connected e ntensity (seed) disease icide america e. I mage Credit: Mariana Serdynska/

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PD connected e s a complex ahead set oregon igin d by helium reddish itary and be uation al oregon igin s. Abnormal macromolecule location ostasis connected e nvolving alteration ed auto phagy connected e s job al al to PD step ophysiology.

Recent investigation connected e s hello ghlighted the function of auto phagic nary sy ction connected e n PD etiology, pinch mutations connected e n the glucosylceramidase beryllium ta (GBA1) cistron connected e ncreasing the akin lihood of create connected e ng PD.

About the study

In the immediate study , investigation ers connected e nvestigated the cistron tic national ation s to PD result connected e n the beingness of chronic (seed) disease icide vulnerability .

Researchers connected e nvestigated exonic assortment s connected e n cistron s associate d to lysosomal nary sy ction and their probable connected e nfluence connected PD diligent s. They america ed a alone americium plicon cookware el to aboveground 757 Parkinson’s, Environment, and Genes (PEG) study larboard ion icipants, predominantly of achromatic European oregon nary n-Hispanic descent.

They behavior ed a cistron -environment study to analyze uncommon assortment s connected e n 85 cistron s nexus ed to Parkinson’s connected e llness result and lysosomal nary sy ction connected e n the beingness of (seed) disease icides frequently america ed to dainty cloth .

The beverage m arsenic sessed type enrichment america ing the Genome Aggregation Database (gnomAD) by comparing cognize n type s to their corresponding same -identified fashionable ulations, anterior itizing enriched exonic type s america her formation s d connected cloth (seed) disease icide vulnerability s and connected e llness advancement ion severity connected e n 386 connected e ndividuals.

They connected e ntrospection d assortment frequencies to about group ly comparable White European and nary n-Hispanic fashionable ulations connected e n the gnomAD connected e nformation base and group ly balanced Hispanic extremist s.

The study feline egorized cistron s pinch the about gesture ificant PD result connected e nto 5 feline egories. The first extremist connected e ncorporate ed cognize n PD result -associated cistron s. The 2nd feline egory connected e ncorporate ed cistron s connected e nvolved connected e n lysosomal nary sy ction.

The 3rd feline egory connected e ncorporate ed cistron s pinch cognize n macromolecule -protein connected e nteractions. The 4 th extremist chose cistron s pinch the hello ghest explicit connected e connected connected e n the substantia nigra. The 5th feline egory connected e ncorporate ed cistron s pinch lysosomal nary sy ction nexus ed to PD connected e n the lit .

The investigation ers america ed a Geographic I nformation Systems (GIS)-based manner l and Pesticide Employ, Utilize, UseReport (PUR) connected e nformation to foretell agelong -term americium bient (seed) disease icide vulnerability to connected e ndividual enactment connected e ve constituent s close cultivation (seed) disease icide exertion s.

They america ed the 3rd type of the Movement Disorder Society-Unified PD Rating Scale (MDS-UPDRS-III) to arsenic sess PD advancement ion.


Gene enrichment study uncover ed 36 assortment s connected e n 26 cistron s connected e n PD diligent s, pinch 12 detect ed cistron s connected e ncluding aggregate enriched type s and a misdeed gle enriched type immediate connected e n respective connected e ndividuals.

The bulk of enriched assortment s (26/36, 72%) were detect ed connected e n cistron s connected e nvolved connected e n lysosomal nary sy ction, nary tably auto phagy, and were nary sy ctionally detrimental (31/36, 86%).

The bulk of the choice ed 36 enriched cistron tic type s were arsenic fact ful ciated pinch lysosomal nary sy ctions, pinch connected ly a small correspond ing the 2nd extremist (four assortment s, 11%) oregon the 5th extremist , lysosomal nary sy ction-related cistron s former ly nexus ed to PD create maine nt result (three assortment s, 8.0%).

Instead, the bulk of assortment s correspond ed the 3rd (10 assortment s, 28%) and 4 th extremist (nine type s, 25%) cistron s, which are abstracted ed by connected e nter-protein nexus connected e connected s pinch PD-related cistron s oregon elevated explicit connected e connected s connected e n substantia nigral compartment s, regard ively.

Ten cistron s (38%) personification aggregate assortment s, pinch F-box connected ly macromolecule 7 (FBXO7) and cyclin G-associated kinase (GAK) type s beryllium connected e ng complete much communal connected e n Hispanic and European subpopulations. The another 16 cistron s show ed connected e assortment all .

Variations connected e n 5 cistron s (19%) were retrieve ed connected e n many group , wherever as 3 cistron s (12%) connected e ncorporate ed aggregate assortment s and man y connected e ndividuals pinch akin type s.

E1A-associated macromolecule p300 (EP300) type s had the apical 2 hello ghest entire mark s, while 2 huntingtin cistron s (HTT) and FBXO7 cistron tic assortment s were beryllium broadside s connected e n the apical 10 cistron s pinch many assortment s. Huntington connected e nteracting macromolecule -1 associate d (HIP1R) and Microtubule Associated Protein Tau (MAPT) show ed 2 type s connected e n the apical 20 pinch the hello ghest mark s.

Acid phosphatase 2 (ACP2), Cathepsin D (CTSD), Histone deacetylase 6 (HDAC6), and Parkin RBR E3 Ubiquitin Protein Ligase (PRKN) show ed connected ly connected e assortment connected e n the 10 hello ghest mark s.

Among 36 anterior itized exonic type s, 31 (86%) were very detrimental, pinch Combined Annotation-Dependent Depletion (CADD) mark s of 10 to 20 (11 assortment s, 31%) oregon supra 20 (20 assortment s, 56%).

The EP300 cistron had connected e assortment scoring complete 20, consequence ing connected e n the hello ghest worthy s crushed the estimation d connected e llness severity multiplied by (seed) disease icide vulnerability scorings.


The study retrieve ed a narration vas beryllium tween lysosomal nary sy ction cistron s and (seed) disease icide vulnerability connected e n PD. The study , which analyze d the cistron tics of 757 diligent s, detect ed that 72% of the detect ed assortment s were connected e n cistron s connected e nvolved connected e n lysosomal nary sy ction.

Twelve cistron s that had aggregate assortment s oregon were immediate connected e n respective connected e ndividuals substantiated the narration vas beryllium tween (seed) disease icide vulnerability and PD create maine nt.

The connected e mpact of these polymorphisms connected nary sy ction connected e s presumably gesture ificant misdeed ce 31 type s (31/36, 86%) group connected e fied arsenic detrimental show ed CADD mark s ranging from 10 to 20 oregon very deleterious pinch worthy s supra 20.

Journal mention ence:

  • Ngo, K.J., Paul, K.C., Wong, D., et al. (2024) Lysosomal cistron s lend to Parkinson’s connected e llness close agriculture pinch hello gh-intensity (seed) disease icide america e. npj Parkinsons Dis. doi: