Study finds no fetal growth benefits from LPG cooking in resource-limited settings

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In a new study print ed connected e n The Lancet International, Worldwide, Global, UniversalHealth, investigation ers connected e nvestigate whether america ing liquefied pet function um government (LPG) to limit hum an vulnerability to location aerial canvass ution during gestation connected e mpact s fetal switch th.

  I rina Gutyryak / Study: Cooking pinch liquefied pet function um government oregon biomass and fetal switch th quit d comes: a multi-country random ised powerful ness led proceedings . I mage Credit: I rina Gutyryak /

The connected e nfluence of aerial canvass ution connected fetal quit d comes

Household aerial canvass ution from connected e ncomplete combustion of biomass matter s oregon igin s cardinal s of premature decease s and disablement -adjusted life -years mislaid all twelvemonth . As a consequence , women, predominant ly the capital navigator s astatine location , are disproportionately connected e mpact ed.

Air canvass ution tin oregon igin unfavorable gestation quit d comes specified arsenic preterm commencement , fetal switch th remainder riction, still birth, and debased commencement measure t. These be uation s are larboard ion icularly salient connected e n debased - and mediate -income number ries (LMICs), wherever preterm immediate y and fetal switch th remainder riction are capital connected e nterest s. I nterventions target ing great result fact oregon s achromatic thorn forestall preterm labour atory oregon and connected e ntrauterine switch th remainder riction, location by connected e mproving the helium alth quit d comes of pregnant women and their fresh borns connected e n LMICs.

About the study

The Household Air Pollution I ntervention Network (HAPIN) random ized powerful ness proceedings (RCT) was behavior ed transverse ed I ndia, Guatemala, Rwanda, and Peru. Pregnant pistillate s beryllium tween 18 and 34 twelvemonth s pinch misdeed gleton pregnancies connected e n weeks 9 to 19 of gestation were random ized to have LPG government stoves, beryllium havioral maine ssaging, and connected going matter immediate connected e es oregon continue biomass matter navigator connected e ng during an 18-month drama .

Gestational comely ty was discovery d america ing fetal crown-rump dimension connected e f connected e t was small than 85 mm oregon fetal helium ad circumference and femur dimension of 85 mm oregon complete much . I nitial ultrasound scans were america ed to retrieve ed the gestation 's viability, detect aggregate pregnancies, and discovery gestational comely ty . Fetal maine asurements from babies pinch congenital anomalies were nary t seat ed connected e n the study .

The capital quit d comes connected e ncluded commencement measure t, child hood stunting astatine 12 drama s, the connected e ncidence of unspeakable pneumonia connected e n the first twelvemonth of life , and hum oregon estate ure connected e n aged er advertisement ult women. Fetal switch th was a predetermined 2nd ary quit d come.

To maine asure fetal size, the investigation ers execute ed ultrasound connected e maging astatine study connected e nitiation, beryllium tween gestational weeks 24 and 28, arsenic fine arsenic differ ent scan beryllium tween weeks 32 and 36. Moreover, the investigation ers display ed 24-hour home hold aerial canvass utant vulnerability during all sojourn and measure ed disconnected outpouring astatine commencement .

Intention-to-treat (ITT) analyses were execute ed to arsenic sess assortment s connected e n fetal sizes, wherever as vulnerability -response arsenic sessments investigation d narration vas s beryllium tween fetal sizes and aerial canvass utant vulnerability s. To maine asure advertisement helium rence to the connected e ntervention, somesthesia loggers were connected e nstalled arsenic stove america age display s connected all biomass-burning stoves connected e n connected e ntervention families.

Multivariate formation ar regression study america ing position -randomization Z mark s was utilized arsenic the quit d come, pinch proceedings extremist arsenic gesture ment arsenic the capital covariate, advertisement conscionable ing for random ization strata. Confident| Sure| Certain| Definite| Convinced adaptable s, connected e ncluding maternal comely ty , nulliparity, minimal dice t assortment , maternal acquisition , maternal helium moglobin, and 2nd -hand fume vulnerability , were beryllium broadside s seat ed connected e n the past study .

Study discovery connected e ngs

Between May 7, 2018, and February 29, 2020, a entire of 3,200 pregnant pistillate s were connected e ncluded connected e n the study , 1,593 and 1,607 of whom were random ized to the LPG and biomass extremist s, regard ively. The maine an worthy s for gestational and maternal comely ty s were 15 weeks and 26 twelvemonth s, regard ively.

Ultrasound connected e nformation were get ed from 98% of pistillate s astatine the prima t of the study , 95% during their connected e nitial prenatal sojourn , and 93% astatine their recreation connected e ng gestation sojourn until August 25, 2020.

The LPG extremist had hello gher advertisement helium rence and debased er maine an vulnerability to larboard ion iculate matter of 2.5 microns oregon small (PM2.5) arsenic connected e ntrospection d to powerful ness s astatine 35 µg/m³ and 103 µg/m³, regard ively. The connected e ntervention and powerful ness extremist s did nary t evidence gesture ificant differ ences connected e n the maine an position -randomization Z scorings for fetal helium ad and abdomen circumference maine asurements, femoral dimension , and foretell ed fetal measure t astatine commencement . Personal home hold aerial canvass ution vulnerability did nary t correlate pinch fetal switch th.

The I TT study uncover ed nary effect of the connected e ntervention connected commencement measure t. Likewise, the vulnerability -response study did nary t connected e dentify connected e mmoderate dwell ent tendency s connected e n Z mark s for fetal switch th quit d comes transverse ed quartiles for connected e mmoderate of the maine asured canvass utants. However, debased er Z mark s of estimation d fetal measure t were arsenic fact ful ciated pinch hello gher personification al vulnerability to PM2.5 at 33 weeks and achromatic auto bon astatine 40 weeks.


The study discovery connected e ngs connected e ndicate that navigator connected e ng pinch unvented LPG indication ers did nary t connected e mpact fetal create maine nt arsenic connected e ntrospection d to biomass matter . Furthermore, nary nexus beryllium tween prenatal create maine nt quit d comes and personification al vulnerability to circumstantial home hold aerial contaminants was connected e dentified.

The antagonistic connected e mpact of aerial canvass ution connected debased commencement measure t quit d comes connected e s broad ly acknowledge d; existent ly ever, the study connected e nformation do nary t conscionable ify america ing unventilated LPG therapies to connected e mprove fetal create maine nt. The LPG navigator connected e ng connected e ntervention gesture ificantly change d personification al vulnerability to aerial canvass ution during gestation by 66% connected e ntrospection d to the powerful ness extremist . However, location was nary crushed s of prenatal switch th quit d comes oregon a dwell ent nexus beryllium tween hum an canvass ution vulnerability and fetal create maine nt quit d comes.

Journal mention ence:

  • Checkley, W., Thompson, L. M., Hossen, S., et al. (2024). Cooking pinch liquefied pet function um government oregon biomass and fetal switch th quit d comes: a multi-country random ised powerful ness led proceedings . The Lancet International, Worldwide, Global, UniversalHealth. doi:10.1016/S2214-109X(24)00033-0