Study finds elevated sodium consumption in heart disease patients

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Individuals pinch bosom illness guidelines to summation nan astir from a low-sodium fare but, connected average, devour complete doubly nan recommended regular sodium intake, according to a study being presented astatine nan American College of Cardiology's Annual Scientific Session.

Sodium is an basal nutrient, but consuming excessively overmuch tin raise humor pressure, which damages humor vessels and forces nan bosom to activity harder. Excess sodium tin besides origin nan assemblage to clasp fluid, exacerbating conditions for illustration bosom failure. The existent U.S. Dietary Guidelines put retired by nan U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends astir adults limit their sodium intake to little than 2,300 mg/day, which is balanced to astir 1 spoon of array salt. For individuals pinch cardiovascular diseases, nan limit is moreover little astatine 1,500 mg/day, according to line recommendations from nan ACC and nan American Heart Association.

This caller study recovered that among a sample of much than 3,100 group pinch bosom disease, 89% consumed much than nan recommended regular maximum of 1,500 mg of sodium and, connected average, study participants consumed much than doubly this amount. Limiting sodium intake is simply a basal manner modification shown to trim nan likelihood of consequent awesome adverse cardiovascular events, researchers said. Their findings underscore nan challenges galore group look successful keeping wrong recommended sodium limits, sloppy of different factors specified arsenic socioeconomic status.

Estimating sodium quantities successful a repast tin beryllium challenging. Food labels assistance successful dietary sodium estimation by providing sodium quantities successful packaged food. Yet, adhering to a debased sodium fare remains challenging moreover for individuals pinch cardiovascular illness who person a beardown inducement to adhere."

Elsie Kodjoe, MD, MPH, soul medicine resident astatine Piedmont Athens Regional Hospital successful Athens, Georgia, and study's lead author

The study utilized information from patients diagnosed pinch a bosom attack, stroke, bosom failure, coronary artery illness aliases angina who participated successful nan National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) betwixt 2009–2018.

Researchers estimated sodium intake based connected questionnaires successful which participants were asked to study everything they had consumed successful 24 hours. According to nan results, study participants pinch cardiovascular illness consumed an mean of 3,096 mg of sodium per day, which is somewhat little than nan nationalist mean of 3,400 mg/day reported by nan U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

"The comparatively mini quality successful sodium intake suggests that group pinch cardiovascular illness are not limiting their intake very overmuch compared pinch nan wide organization and are besides consuming much than double what is recommended," Kodjoe said. "To make it easier for patients to adhere to dietary guidelines, we request to find much applicable ways for nan wide nationalist to estimate dietary sodium levels aliases possibly see a simplification successful nan sodium contented of nan nutrient we devour correct from nan source."

The researchers besides compared sodium intake among group successful different socioeconomic groups, but they did not find immoderate important differences betwixt wealthier and little able participants aft accounting for age, sex, title and acquisition attainment.

Individuals tin return proactive measures to little their sodium intake, Kodjoe said. This includes preparing much meals astatine location wherever they person greater power complete nan sodium contented and paying adjacent attraction to nutrient labels, peculiarly targeting foods pinch sodium levels of 140 mg aliases little per serving. Researchers suggested that amended acquisition astir nan benefits of limiting sodium could besides thief motivate much group to travel nan recommendations.

"Cardiovascular illness is real, and it is nan number 1 origin of morbidity and mortality worldwide according to nan World Health Organization," Kodjoe said. "Adhering to sodium guidelines is 1 of nan easier strategies individuals could readily adopt to trim hospitalizations, wellness attraction costs, morbidity and mortality associated pinch cardiovascular disease."

One limitation of nan study is that sodium intake was estimated based connected nutrient callback questionnaires, alternatively than 24-hour urine sodium measurements, which is considered nan golden modular method. NHANES has included 24-hour urine sodium measurements successful its information gathering methods successful caller study cycles, truthful early studies utilizing this information could supply a much meticulous appraisal of sodium intake among group pinch cardiovascular disease.