STRONG STAR Consortium awarded $17M for traumatic brain injury and psychological health research

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In a caller information of assistance awards, nan STRONG STAR Consortium based astatine The University of Texas Health Science Center astatine San Antonio (UT Health San Antonio) was selected by nan U.S. Department of Defense for a full of $17 cardinal successful backing to motorboat 8 caller investigation projects focused connected traumatic encephalon wounded and psychological health.

The mixed projects will alteration nan consortium to return a large measurement guardant successful its ngo to beforehand nan attraction of subject unit and veterans recovering from war-related trauma and nan psychological wounds it inflicts.

STRONG STAR, aliases nan South Texas Research Organizational Network Guiding Studies connected Trauma and Resilience, is simply a nationalist investigation group led by UT Health San Antonio that brings together nan expertise of military, civilian and VA institutions and investigators from crossed nan country. Its web of objective trials, funded by nan DOD, Department of Veterans Affairs and different agencies, takes a synergistic attack to amended propel advances successful subject psychological health.

As a group, these caller projects will thief america amended understand and amended assess, dainty and forestall chronic problems pinch nan 2 signature wounds of post-9/11 wars – traumatic encephalon wounded and post-traumatic accent upset – on pinch a assortment of related conditions that stem from them aliases that lend to their complexity."

Alan Peterson, PhD, professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences astatine UT Health San Antonio and head of nan STRONG STAR Consortium

"Some of these related conditions are termination risk, slumber disorders and chronic pain, including post-traumatic headache, aliases chronic headaches that create from aliases worsen pursuing a traumatic encephalon injury," he said. "Another is tinnitus, which is simply a persistent ringing successful nan ears that tin create aft a encephalon injury. Tinnitus is besides commonly comorbid pinch PTSD, and it some contributes to and is impacted by psychological distress."

The caller studies will reside these problems done a assortment of approaches arsenic portion of six randomized objective trials, 1 curen improvement task and 1 longitudinal follow-up task pinch erstwhile investigation participants. Some of these projects will beryllium led by UT Health San Antonio investigators and others by STRONG STAR collaborators astatine different institutions, pinch investigation participants from a assortment of subject and VA study sites.

Following is an overview of nan caller investigation projects:

Combining PTSD curen and termination prevention therapies to amended outcomes. This objective proceedings will analyse whether PTSD symptoms and termination consequence tin some beryllium importantly reduced by combining 2 evidence-based treatments: 1 a starring PTSD therapy called Cognitive Processing Therapy and nan different a suicide-prevention attack known arsenic Crisis Response Planning. This proceedings will impact some active-duty subject unit and veterans.

Rapid-acting involution for terrible termination risk. This objective proceedings will impact patients treated successful an emergency section mounting anterior to a psychiatric hospitalization for terrible termination risk. Investigators will look for 2 main outcomes they dream to achieve: (1) Does an intramuscular injection of ketamine consequence successful nan accelerated simplification of suicidal ideation? (2) Does nan summation of Crisis Response Planning, a little involution to trim termination consequence pursuing a crisis, thief support that betterment agelong term?

Prevention programme to alteration termination consequence aft encephalon injury. Because a traumatic encephalon wounded tin elevate a person's termination risk, this objective proceedings will measure Crisis Response Planning arsenic a secondary termination prevention intervention. Service members already receiving attraction related to a encephalon wounded will beryllium invited to enroll successful this study, which will connection little training successful self-selected actions and activities they tin usage successful times of crisis. At nan extremity of nan study, researchers will find whether nan involution efficaciously decreased consequence among those who received it compared to those who did not.

Adaptive PTSD curen to personalize attraction and maximize effectiveness. This objective proceedings will trial tailored involution strategies to optimize curen consequence and trim drop-out among veterans pinch PTSD. The task seeks to find if outcomes tin beryllium improved by: (1) changing nan therapy type early connected for non-responders, (2) regular integer prompts to thief amended homework completion, and (3) reducing therapy strength for patients who respond good early successful treatment.

Improving knowing and curen of PTSD and tinnitus pursuing a encephalon injury. Working pinch subject and veterans who person PTSD and tinnitus aft a encephalon injury, investigators will measure whether combining therapies for each upset improves diligent outcomes pinch both. The study will usage Cognitive Processing Therapy, a starring PTSD treatment, and Progressive Tinnitus Management, a cognitive-behavioral attack to managing tinnitus and nan distress it causes. Some participants besides will acquisition neuroimaging earlier and aft nan curen program. This tin illuminate nan encephalon networks progressive successful PTSD and tinnitus and really they are impacted by treatment, which could guideline early investigation and approaches to care.

Brain games and stimulation: Improving executive usability aft a concussion. This objective proceedings pinch work members and veterans will measure nan effectiveness of a machine crippled designed to amended cognitive functioning pursuing a mild traumatic encephalon injury, aliases concussion. It besides will look astatine whether adding encephalon stimulation done a method called electrical transcranial magnetic stimulation leads to further improvements successful post-concussive symptoms.

Expanding an effective headache curen to an replacement attack to PTSD recovery. In a erstwhile consortium trial, researchers discovered that a non-medication curen they designed for post-traumatic headache not only importantly reduced headache-related disability; it besides reduced co-occurring PTSD symptoms arsenic efficaciously arsenic a gold-standard PTSD therapy. Now they will update nan therapy and its curen manual to specifically attraction connected PTSD symptoms. They will past trial nan attack pinch work members who suffer from PTSD pursuing a encephalon injury. The purpose is to place an replacement attack to PTSD attraction that patients whitethorn for illustration to accepted therapies that attraction connected nan person's trauma.

Long-term follow-up pinch erstwhile study participants to pass nan investigation field. A ample longitudinal study will alteration STRONG STAR to behaviour semipermanent follow-ups pinch thousands of individuals who participated successful nan consortium's erstwhile investigation studies. Participants from objective tests will beryllium contacted to measure really good they are doing years later. Researchers are peculiarly willing to spot if curen responders person maintained their curen gains complete time, which would supply valuable accusation astir nan semipermanent efficacy of nan therapies they received. They besides are willing to study if non-responders recovered subsequent, replacement treatments adjuvant aliases if their conditions person remained chronic, which besides would pass nan field. In different limb of nan project, STRONG STAR will travel up pinch work members who participated successful a longitudinal study that progressive various assessments earlier and aft a combat deployment to shed ray connected nan deployment's semipermanent consequences.